RE: Google Lists ETH, LTC and BCH.

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Google Lists ETH, LTC and BCH.

in busy •  last year 

Yes dude this means i can keep my Steem power and buy a Samsung smartphone that i always wanted!
In the future tho as i belive Steem will be 10$ soon at least.

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They accept 8 different cryptos, but they can only convert crypto to fiat with Nem, Ripple and Steem, so you could make the payment in steem and they would recieve fiat in their bank account i.e Samsung. or if they want crypto they can accept those 8 cryptos :)

more info at

also reading on coppay they also have things moving with Benetton and some other stores around the baltic ! , now bad at all, and with 0% fees and other special advantages :D

It will get greater with time.
Thanks for the info.