Await the Muslims and stay awake. Everyone stares at the storm of protest.

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Do not say any political thing here, which will say it as a Muslim.

Those who are involved in the breakdown of the mosque have massacred Muloan India.
Break their hands into pieces.
Today, people of administration have gone to break a mosque named 'Baitun Najat Jami Mosque' at Sadarghat on Buriganga river. After the protests began to break in the neighborhood, they postponed the activities.

They want to break more than 22 mosques and 3 madrassa (the list is given today in the mosque's 20 mosque today).

  1. Baitul Aman Jami Mosque Single-storey mosque on the river inside the embankment
  2. Four-storied Baitul Salam Jami Mosque at Nababbari Ghat in Badamtali
  3. Shyam Bazar Jami Mosque is built on the 3rd floor of Shyambazar River.
  4. Sutrapur has been built on the bank of the river Doula Mosque in Noor Mohammadia.
  5. Zinjira Ferryghat Jami Mosque of three-storied building in Keraniganj
  6. Khollamora Ghat Jami Mosque at Khollamora Launchghat of Keraniganj
  7. Fayejnagar Shahi Jami Mosque of Kaironganj
  8. Mandial Jami Mosque of Keraniganj
  9. Jami Mosque of Tikajor of Zinjira of Keraniganj
  10. Lalbagh Muslim Mosque Tower Jame Mosque
  11. Baitur Rahman Jami Mosque at Rasulbagh in Lalbag
  12. The Mosque of the Lalbagh Coalghat
  13. Lalbagh Kamrangirchar Sarkar Gharir Al-Aqsa Jame Mosque
  14. Khajra Baba Faridpuri Jami Mosque of Hazari Bagh
  15. Jannatul Mawa Jami Mosque of Charakamaran of Hazaribagh
  16. Baatur Noor Jame Mosque of Pakapul Ashrafabad of Kamrangirchar
  17. Baitul Hosna Jami Samajid
  18. Gabtoli Balughat Jami Mosque of Darussalam
  19. Baitun Nur Jame Mosque of Utah West Para Abdullahpur.
  20. Baitun Najat Jame Mosque is located in Sadarghat on the bank road
  21. Sutrapur, on the bank of Buriganga, there is also the Ultganj Jame Mosque.
  22. Apanagar Dakghat Mosque, arranged for tin in Zanzira of Keraniganj.

Three madrassas and orphanages are:

  1. Namajbagh Jamia Talabia Ashraful Ulum Madrasa of Kamrangirchar
  2. Noor Orphanage of Ashrafabad Madrasa in Kamrangirchar
    3.Sadargat Chinnamnu Orphanage

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