Drawing by pen on paper 🎨 - Original illustration *Circles Collection

in busy •  2 years ago 

its the second version of my pencil drawing , i added it into my circles collection

i worked on it with pen and marker






my previous posts , you can click on images to see steps :





Thank you :)


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great , fabulous :)
really like it
great skills

thank you :)

You should start including a QR code to your art that links to your crypto wallet receive code!

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yes i did it today for my today's post , i attached the QR code to my work :) and will do it ,thanks again <3

thank you

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besiar ziba

mamnon "

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thank you

¡Vaya! Si que son geniales tus ilustraciones, muy buena técnica y dedicación, felicidades.

Your stippling work is STUNNING. I can only imagine how long the first ram illustration took... The detail is so beautiful.

You've been featured in our latest curation: Ladies of Steemit, Volume 7 | Artist Selection

Keep up the great work! 💓

that's Wonderful ! <3 and Thank you very much , 💓💓💓 resteemed !

Just wow no word can describe how magical and beautiful this art

thank you very much :) ...

These are all really lovely pieces, Adele - I just love the way you combine realism with more abstract elements in your work. Gorgeous and very unique! Upvoted and Following <3

hi @jaytaylor , thank you very much for kind words
following you too <3

My pleasure :O) And thank you, too! <3

This looks friggin' amazing. Pen strokes is not an easy technique (at least not for me)

thank you so much :) ,

I love your circular pieces! The horns on this are so enticing, the lines are really wonderful.

thank you so much dear donna <3