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RE: What happens when you feel the desire to leave, enter your car and just start driving.

in #busylast year

You crazy!

I so want to be in Thailand for New Years, as soon as it starts getting cold in Europe I want out!

🙏🏼 For Steem to rise again!


Then come!!! dont think about it, just do it ;) Ill be there from the 29th of december till the 17th of january. @martibis is already there, just as @teamsteem, @nomadicsoul, @connecteconomy @luzcypher @travellit and @world-travel-pro. @bitrocker2020 and @cervantes is thinking about it too ;) It will be awesome!

Yes @abh12345 come on, if you put your mind to it, you can do it!! Steem is at the same price for all of us and we all made it here! 😬

Maybe check your couch cushions, or sell something... ;)

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