The Consulting Firm Hires Employees’ Parents / シニアの助言を 社員の親も採用

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The Consulting Firm Hires Employees’ Parents: Seniors’ Advice Necessary for the Internet Community /

-June 23, 2018

Web consulting firm PENCIL (Fukuoka City), known for its work with online shopping, will begin recruiting parents of its current employees by the end of the year. In this age when online shopping is expanding among consumers of all ages, the aim is to strengthen its consulting services by incorporating the perspectives and ideas of these parents’ generations. Recruit Career (Tokyo), which provides career change support services , says that such hiring practices that target both children and parents are rare nationwide.


PENCIL was established in 1995. Employees’ average age is 36 years, and there are relatively few people from the senior generation. The company will seek introductions from among their approximately 140-member staff and target 3 individuals in the parents’ age groups to hire in the coming fiscal year .

The firm anticipates that these older workers can provide ideas to help boost sales on online shopping sites and advice on what interests seniors. It is opening its doors to parents of employees, because while online shopping is expected to continue to spread among a wider range of age groups, older people tend not to choose the IT industry when looking for employment.

PENCIL first began hiring from the senior generation in 2016 and currently employs 3 who are in their 60s. Younger staff tend to focus on making visuals and navigation easier when building online shopping sites geared for older people, but they were advised that they should strengthen customers’ sense of assurance by clearly specifying policies on handling personal information as well as listing phone numbers for inquiries. Such efforts were highly appreciated by their clients .

These senior workers are employed on a part-time basis, but they will be hired full-time upon request. Their workplace is not limited to the company office, but rather, they are given the option to work from home (telework) as well as adjust their work days so that they can accommodate nursing-care for older family members. The firm is also eliminating the mandatory retirement age to create an environment to receive such workers.

“There is an old piece of business wisdom in Japan that people should work with other family members as though it were a family business. We want to provide an environment where anyone can work, beginning with parent-child hiring, and become a corporate model for diversity management,” says company president Mika Kurahashi.

ネット社会にシニアの助言を 社員の親も採用 福岡市のコンサル会社









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