Sales Team outsourcing – The benefits!

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Many businesses are using outsourced services for a variety of administration tasks. These most common tasks often include: accounting, payroll or IT functions … but what about your sales?

Outsourcing your B2B sales can be a bit daunting if you have always handled your own sales. There are numerous benefits to using an outsourced sales and marketing company, these include:

More focused time on What You Do Best
An example: If your core business is software development. Your company has solid development and technical skills that can deliver really good software. While you technical teams are good at development it is quite rare that they would have the necessary skills to conduct effective sales. Outsourcing your sales would allow you to do what you are good at – software development. An outsourced sales team would take care of the sales with skilled and qualified sales people. Do what you do best and let the sales experts do what they do best.

It is essential to find the right sales outsourcing partner that understands your ambitions and your expectations and can work with you and your team. A partner that can create a realistic and actionable plan to optimize your existing selling sales and drive new ones.

Outsourcing Your Sales Team Reduces Costs
Employing sales people can become very costly. Market indicators show the costs as follows:

Senior Sales Person – $100,000+
Mid-Line Sales Person – $75,000
New Recruit – $40,000

In addition, you will have to pay for employee benefits such as: leave pay, office space, office equipment, mobile phone bills, etc. When comparing the costs of inhouse vs. outsourced, you will see that the outsourced option is more cost-effective.

Be more flexible
By outsourcing your sales, you will have the flexibility to scale your sales force up and down as your market dictates. There are many times when it is necessary to scale back on sales without stopping completely.

An outsourced sales company will be able to provide many skills over and above that of just sales, these services include strategic planning assistance that will compliment and enhance your marketing strategy.

An Outsourced sales team is ideal to use during a new product launch. You can focus on the product and the sales team will focus on the taking your product to the market. This saves you having to invest in new people that would require training before they can start to make sales. Depending on the product success your company could look at hiring a full-time person at a later time.

Proven Sales Methodology, Techniques and Tactics
Companies that specialize in sales have a proven set of methodologies, techniques and tactics to drive successful sales.

These proven processes enable us to commence with your outbound sales effort within a few days. Then we apply a process methodology with our optimized CRM. Follow up calls and sales pitch decks are built, delivered and managed. Previous experience has taught us how to streamline processes and manage specific needs, facilitating a faster roll out.

Lack of Resources

Outsourced sales can provide solutions even if there is a lack of in-house resources; both financial and human. There are many benefits to outsourcing your sales and it can be up to 50% less expensive than having an inhouse sales team.

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