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Business that buys & sells collectible game cards with STEEM while using steemit.

Would love to combine my knowledge and passions of games and collectibles with business and crypto.


The idea would be to start a business that users by up-voting and commenting could potentially get some stock in the company as a bonus when conducting business with this new model. Also a way for others to invest in the business if interested. Investors could get an investment bonus for their upvotes and/or comments as well.

Buying & selling Magic: the Gathering cards on and off for two decades along with other collectibles & games. Virtual currencies in different games and then in virtual worlds including Second Life for the past nine years. Investing in stocks, commodities, collectibles, and virtual companies, goods, and services.


Magic: the Gathering cards would be bought and sold for bitcoin, steem, and MTGO TIX. MTGO TIX are the units in the game platform that are used for $1 towards event entry costs. The Tickets (TIX) also serve as a base currency for users to trade with each other within the game. Cards may also be traded for other cards.

Having bought and sold items on consignment. Maybe could offer weekly / monthly consignment sales. Profits could be shared by card sales to sellers directly and also indirectly with part of all sales going to all other sellers.

Assets of Magic cards, TIX, bitcoin, and steem. Revenue of card sales and steem from posts and sales. Could lead to discounts for customers and also added profit sharing with customers and investors through steem with steem dollars. Accumulated Steem power could also be used in curating content as another value in the steemit community.

Below is a sample of potential buy & sell prices:

Rishadan PortMercadian Masques239.010.3806297.87285802862140.3408266.7034501406
Liliana of the VeilInnistrad108.760.1732135.545174006197.960.1560122.0853737186
Black LotusVintage Masters98.910.1575123.269337632890.650.1443112.9750829685
MisdirectionMercadian Masques85.350.1359106.369810605275.770.120794.430469239
Black LotusPromotional750.119493.4708353297300.047837.3883341319
Rishadan PortPromotional750.119493.470835329731.250.049838.9461813874
Mox SapphireVintage Masters54.260.086467.623033666549.470.078861.6533629834
Commander: Nature of the BeastCommander (2013 Edition)53.510.085266.688325313244.810.071455.845708415
TarmogoyfFuture Sight53.30.084966.426606974347.60.075859.3228234892
Tangle WireNemesis53.10.084666.177351413446.940.074758.5002801383
Commander: Power HungryCommander (2013 Edition)51.350.081863.996365255741.840.066652.1442633359
Show and TellUrzas Saga50.410.080362.824864119644.570.071055.5466017419
TarmogoyfModern Masters49.970.079662.276501885644.170.070355.0480906201
Show and TellPromotional49.310.078561.453958534743.60.069454.3377122716
Engineered ExplosivesModern Masters48.270.076960.157829618242.680.068053.1911366916
Engineered ExplosivesFifth Dawn47.940.076359.746557942742.40.067552.8421789064
TarmogoyfModern Masters 247.460.075659.148344596641.970.066852.3062794505
ExplorationUrzas Saga46.90.074758.450429026141.480.066151.6956033263
Commander: Evasive ManeuversCommander (2013 Edition)46.580.074258.051620128740.410.064350.3620860756
Cavern of SoulsAvacyn Restored45.50.072556.705640140.680.064850.6985810828
Gaea's CradleUrzas Saga44.580.071055.5590645239.10.062348.7294621519
Voice of ResurgenceDragon's Maze44.280.070555.185181178639.60.063149.3526010541
From the Vault: RelicsRelics44.180.070455.060553398239.120.062348.754387708
Infernal TutorDissension43.590.069454.325249493638.620.061548.1312488058
Liliana of the VeilPromotional42.710.068053.228525025737.850.060347.1716148964
Commander Deck: Heavenly InfernoCommander (2011 Edition)41.070.065451.184629426536.450.058045.4268259702
Food ChainMercadian Masques40.840.065050.897985531536.250.057745.1775704093
Commander: Mind SeizeCommander (2013 Edition)39.420.062849.128271049335.050.055843.6820370441
Commander: Eternal BargainCommander (2013 Edition)39.230.062548.891478266434.890.055643.4826325954
Containment PriestCommander (2014 Edition)39.150.062348.791776042132.350.051540.3170869722
From the Vault: DragonsDragons39.070.062248.692073817734.750.055343.3081537027
Gaea's CradlePromotional38.960.062048.554983259234.670.055243.2084514784
WastelandEternal Masters38.120.060747.508109903634.930.055643.5324837075
WastelandTempest Remastered38.060.060647.433333235333.90.054042.248817569
Ancestral RecallPromotional37.520.059746.760343220933.570.053541.8375458936
Time WalkPromotional37.520.059746.760343220933.570.053541.8375458936
Commander: Forged in StoneCommander (2014 Edition)37.480.059746.710492108733.420.053241.6506042229
Commander: Peer Through TimeCommander (2014 Edition)37.160.059246.311683211333.150.052841.3141092157
Ancestral RecallVintage Masters36.890.058745.975188204233.850.053942.1865036788
Force of WillMasters Edition36.510.058145.501602638532.610.051940.6411192013
Volcanic IslandMasters Edition III36.480.058145.464214304332.590.051940.6161936452
Grove of the BurnwillowsFuture Sight36.060.057444.9407776265300.047837.3883341319
City of TraitorsExodus35.620.056744.392415392631.880.050839.7313364041
Celestial ColonnadePromotional35.560.056644.317638724331.830.050739.6690225139
Commander: Built from ScratchCommander (2014 Edition)35.420.056444.143159831731.710.050539.5194691774
Containment PriestLegendary Cube (Prize Packs)35.340.056344.043457607331.640.050439.4322297311
UnmaskMercadian Masques35.250.056143.931292604931.560.050339.3325275067
Blood MoonModern Masters35.170.056043.831590380631.50.050239.2577508385

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LOL the next Mt. Gox is starting on Steemit.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! Wait a minute, didn't, oh never mind.
Should be easy to be more transparent and more successful!
Not Mt. Gox, but Mtg. Ox, lol SteeMtg

as long as you're not a rotund, cat-loving, Japanese speaking Frenchman, you've got my support :)

This is probably the nicest way I've ever seen anyone call Karpeles a fat french-kawaii cat f**ker before. rofl blake

lol klye, not a kawaii cat f**ker, lmao!
So might still have someone's support!, lol

Thank you. I can manage that.

I'm going to follow you,
dug up my old Magic cards, still have to check them, they all date from the starting years.

Cool!, Been playing, buying, selling, and trading them for two decades. Thought this would might be a good idea to combine these hobby interests. :)

I bought one pack of those things. I told myself I was going to let my daughter learn to play. I believe I live near a card shop where they have major tournaments.

I think one of the cards I have is worth like $5.


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The whole virtual MTG thing is ridiculous. Physical cards are the ones that should be highly valued, not these non existent digital MTG cards... what a scam the MTG Online things is. Waste of money.

I do somewhat agree with this. Hey, its fun to play virtually, but to pay this kind of coin and you don't get the actual physical card seems a little ridiculous to me.


Ah man...I forgot to add MTG to my list!! I just posted this article and MTG would have fit very well. I remember when I used to have Alpha & Beta cards, a ton of dual lands and I gave it all away. Face plant!

Loved your article. Yeah they could have fit on your list. Although most people don't know what they are.

Good luck I run Mohican TCG that deals with many types of comics trading cards

Cool and thank you! Have dealt with many types of trading cards over the years myself. :)