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BESC (Bet Share Coin) is a new generation decentralized cryptocurrency that is easy to use and be secured financial market.It is based on Ethereum Blockchain ( ERC-20 coin ).It has a strong and great ecosystem in the background. You can send Bet Share Coin (BESC) anywhere in the world safely.

What is SureBetShare and how does it work?
Surebetshare is a program that is profitable surely. This business line is one of the most profitable in the industry. We make profit from gambling but we got 100% sure profit & no chance to lose. Gambling is one of large markets in the world and operates with billions of daily stakes. There is many bookmarkers and some odds may differ between differents bookmarkers according stake amounts from their players. We find and collect odds differences from different bookmarkers & stake on it. You can check some sure bets odds in . Our background business is 100% secure and you can trust on it. We collect capital with Bet Share Coin as shares. We share profits with our participants. This is win-win project and can work trustfully with us.

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How can I make profit with Sure Bet Share?
For our system we do not use sample investment nor share share system. We use our own currency named “Bet Share Coin” (BESC). It is tradable crypto currencie as others. You can get profit from investing, referring peoples to our system (10% Referral commission) & growth of price.

On Which exchanges will BESC be listed?
Currently you can get BESC on — 
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Fork Delta

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
We’ll try to be available on many famous cryptocurrency exchanges. We will notify soon that BESC will be listed on which exchange more.

How to caculate the profit / comissions?
Participants will get comissions from our profit. Comissions will be caculated according to the kind of contract(Plan). Comissions will be paid in BESC. After the contract(Plan) is complete, participants will get profit back.You will get 10% Referral comission. When participants request withdraw we will check and sent directly to their wallets. Withdraw process is manually and will operate within 24 hours (Mostly under 6 Hours).

  • The total coin supply is 10 million. So the less the amount of coin supply is, the more the prices increase.

  • The ecosystem of BESC is really reliable and so we can hold the value of BESC well. It is not a money game and all together get profit surely.

  • Investors and participants have the great opportunity to get it cheaper at the beginning.

  • We creat BESC to support funds which investors invest will spend and use for getting sure profit at

  • We will never lose about this kind of betting so hope to join with our program.



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