Being a Google Local Guide.

in business •  5 months ago

Contributing to Google.

For many years, I used to write reviews for a UK company called Qype, they then were bought out by the USA company Yelp, and after this, I decided not to review for them any more, basically it was too Americanised. they didn't even call a Pub a Pub!.

This is when I came across Google Local Guides, what I found great about this, is like other review sites, you could leave a review, post photos, even answer questions. And in return, when you levelled up you got various rewards. Currently I have over 15,000 points on Google Local Guides and am at level 7. I tend to take every opportunity to write a short review and also take some photos of what I am reviewing, whether it be a pub, a restaurant or even a business I am working with.

The cool thing about Google Local Guides, is that these reviews appear in Google and can be very useful for other people who are either considering doing business with a company or visiting a specific place.

What is also amazing for me, I have just hit another major milestone... 2 MILLION VIEWS of my photos!!! I am like WOW! So if you like to share your experiences with companies, restaurants or places you visit, you should really consider signing up as a Google Local Guide and contributing to a great review programme.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello there,
I guess it is wonderful to have more than 2,000,000 hits on your pictures. But, does this help you in any way to make a living out of it, or is it just a nice hobby and a way of helping people? Can you include links in your reviews (that help draw attention to your own projects and websites), or is this 100% in service of others project?


Really, doesn't contribute to my earnings, so really just a hobby, you cannot really post urls, however, it is really good for my clients as I can promote their Google My Business account and get them noticed on Page One of Google locally ;)

congrats to the 1M views.
I uploaded thousands of pictures (especially from Berlin/Germany) to Google-Earth through "panoramio". When google shut down this service I also subscribed as a local guide.
Well I live countryside in Southern Greece now and just reviewed some beaches and stores with a few views only.


It is good for when you travel, you get loads more places to add ;)
I was a Google Map Editor at one point, but they shut that down too

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