Bloomberg Is Investing In Ways To Make Complex Alternative Data Sets Easier To Use For Hedge Funds

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Poop-testing startup uBiome just filed for bankruptcy. Some of its largest creditors are health insurers saying they're owed millions in refunds.: Emma Court, Erin Brodwin

The biggest claim comes in at $2.1 million and was made by a fraud specialist at health insurer Cigna.

Collins Key built a YouTube channel with 19 million subscribers after a cold streak in Hollywood. He told us his data-driven strategy to get 150 million monthly views.: Amanda Perelli

Collins Key said he used a data-driven strategy to grow his 19 million subscriber YouTube channel after appearing on "America's Got Talent."

Bloomberg is investing in ways to make complex alternative data sets easier to use for hedge funds: Dan DeFrancesco

The data provider wants to be more proactive in how it answers client inquiries regarding alternative data.

Porsche just revealed the version of its stunning $153,510 electric Tesla rival that you can actually buy — here's what it looks like: Mark Matousek

The Porsche Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S are fully electric and will compete against the high-end trims of Tesla's Model S.

Hundreds of skeletons have been found in a mysterious Himalayan lake. A new analysis shows some of them died 1,000 years apart.: Aylin Woodward

A Himalayan lake was the final resting place of an estimated 800 skeletons. Researchers still don't know what killed them.

What happens now MPs have voted to delay Brexit until 2020?: Thomas Colson

Boris Johnson has been dealt a major blow to his authority after MPs wrestled control of Parliament and moved to block a no-deal Brexit.

'I'm a terrible person': Inside ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's tantrum in a fellow executive's townhouse when he realized it was all over: Graham Rapier

As soon as the team got data showing Kalanick's toxic presence was bad for business, things got even worse.

Sears plans to lay off 250 employees at its corporate headquarters and close dozens more stores: Hayley Peterson

Sears is laying off 250 employees at its headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois in October, according to a company filing.

Trader Joe's employees reveal how much they really make: Áine Cain

Using self-reported data from Payscale and Glassdoor, Business Insider looked into how much, on average, Trader Joe's store employees earn.

This credit-card-sized phone can do only 3 things and doesn't have any apps — and it might be the key to freeing us from our smartphones: Avery Hartmans

The Light Phone 2 is the successor to Light's original device from 2017. It's sort of the anti-smartphone: It has only a few features and zero apps.

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