Sellers of expensive goods/services need to start using Bitcoin, and escrow

in business •  11 months ago 

I ordered a Pixel 3 direct from Google on launch day (Oct 9th)

Entered my card info, and it got declined.. double checked all the info, tried to run it again, declined again.

I called the credit card, they asked me a bunch of questions, and approved the transaction.

But that was just Google's test transaction since it was a pre-order, and they wanted to make sure the amount was available. They weren't going to charge me till it was ready to ship.

Oct 31st it was ready to ship, but the card was declined again. I didn't get any notifications till Nov 1st. So I called the cc company, went through a bunch of questions, and they approved the transaction.

So the credit card company caused a 1 day delay, but because nothing happens on Sunday, it's delayed 2 days now.

I've seen other posts in pixel 3 groups about shipping delays, and wonder how much is because of credit card issues.

I asked the cc support agent if I should use a different card for my larger transactions. Got a generic response of it's upto me.. hopefully someone in the quality department notices that if they keep messing up people's requests they'll go elsewhere, and the card co misses out on profit.

Could have used Bitcoin and it wouldn't be a problem. Coins being tied up for a month would have been annoying.. but they could just ask for a signature from an address to show I have enough to pay, then when they are ready to ship start escrow. Any purchase should be done with escrow as I wrote in a previous post. No matter how trust worthy the company is, and to set a good example of the right way to do things.

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