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Normally when people want to make a presentation searching is to practice their skills in front of a mirror to build up their confidence to take on the stage, but public speaking requires just being confident if you want to make most of your presentation. So while planning and practicing your public speaking skills, also practice how to deliver an interactive presentation. An interactive presentation is the best presentation you can deliver and the human mind is easily distracted nowadays, so you need to retain the attention of your audience. An interactive presentation means making your presentation as though it is a conversation between two people, the presenter and the audience. Here are the benefits of having an interactive presentation.

It increases the level of the engagement of your audience

Imagine that you are the audience of an ongoing presentation, compare the difference between someone speaking at you for a long time and someone conversing with you. You will realize that you will get worn out when someone is speaking at you for a long time, on the other hand, if it is a conversation between you two, you will be active in the conversation, you will understand the person and be able to contribute to the conversation. That is how an interactive presentation works, it makes your audience to be actively engaged and involved in the presentation and not be bored easily. This is how you can improve interactivity:

  • For a familiar audience maybe your work colleagues, allow them to vote on what they want to learn about.

  • Continuous questions and answers, so instead of taking questions at the end of your presentation, let your audience drop their questions so you can address them as they come.

  • Encourage your audience to drop anonymous feedbacks.

  • Constantly check if your audience's attention is being retained by engaging them in quick quizzes, that way they won't forget key points.

  • Form a group and assign tasks to build something together.

Interactive presentations generally help people to engage in presentations and even when they have lost attention, it helps reconnect and focus.

It helps retain information in the mind

When a presentation is interactive and engagement is achieved in your audience, they are able to retain information. So if you are just speaking without interaction most people can easily get bored, disconnected and miss out key points. But interactivity enables the audience to have a mental picture of your presentation thereby retaining information

It allows for a personalized Delivery

Interactivity makes your audience that the presentation was arranged just for them thereby enhancing their connectivity. This encourages the participants to ask questions, offer feedback and answer polls. it also helps you the presenter to have a jumping-off point from which to personalize the journey.

It makes the presentation fun, encourages team building or novelty

Just like in your school days, there are some lessons that stick out in our memory and this is because the teacher taught those subjects in a fun way. Adult loves fun too, so if your presentation is in lecture style, it can be difficult to capture the attention of your audience. So switch up your style, allow participants to engage in games, polls, and activities using their phones, this will enable your presentation to stick in their minds.

These are few or the many benefits of having an interactive presentation.

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