#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

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#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

What is the best WordPress web host for 2019 and beyond for search engine optimization, scalability, and performance?

If you'd like the answer to this, would you please watch this entire video, because this has taken me seven years of having a business online, to get right?

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

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This post might save you a ton of aggravation going through different web hosts over the course of your business. I've gone through a ton of annoying research trying to find the best web host, I've had several different hosting solutions from shared servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers.

Finally, I have a really good solution that now I've had for two years, that has worked absolutely incredible, as good as the hosting you are used to on something like Google.com.

This is what I use on my own website, which has almost 100,000 visitors a month, because it has indefinite scalability. I can literally just pay more and keep the same web host.

You can see on JerryBanfield.com/blog, or on JerryBanfield.com, I've got 580 posts now, which is bringing me in a lot of traffic.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Which web host do I use?

Why do I use it?

All of that, right here.

If you find anything helpful, would you please leave a like on this video because you will feel really good knowing that you have helped other people avoid this same aggravation.

Here's the web host I use.

I will explain how I found it, why I use it, and everything.

It's at Kinsta.com and when you want to research and buy this hosting, will you please use my links in this post because I am a partner with them, and you will feel good helping me earn a percentage of each sale?

It says, "Premium WordPress hosting for everyone."

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

I found Kinsta because of these three little words, "Google Cloud Platform."

After going through a bunch of lower quality web hosts, and looking at a website that was continuing to grow over time, I realized I wanted the web hosting quality of Google.

Read more on my website at https://jerrybanfield.com/kinsta/.


Jerry Banfield




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What host you use doesn't affect your SEO rankings.


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I know, he put out a YouTube video where he said he is only posting on Steemit for the sole purpose of getting people off Steemit. Just people still read his bullshit. !popcorn


Ah, there's a way to target YouTube audiences by what they watch.

I'm so tempted to make a "Why Jerry is Wrong About Steem" video and target his audience.

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OMG... He's like a PSYCHO experiment in how much BS we can take... i find it entertaining in a sick twisted way... but this kinda uber-arrogant brain f-ck is ruining the platform

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@jerrybanfield thanks for shearing your knowledge, hope it will help lot people like me

Thanks you jerry ,nice web host for organic search results those who use wordpress
Quiet interesting piece of work you find our online this week

Thanks for keeping us informed 🇳🇱

Its helpful. Thanks a lot :)

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snowflake generation gets away with all kinds of babbling bullsheeet

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