@jennifer78 This will surely help those who are yet to choose their career or want a temporary earning source

@preetika That is the aim for my articles. I hope that they can help at least one person. Thank you for your response.

This article will help many.

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US economy is doom. More than 21 trillions in debt. The U.S. Department of Labor is lying to you. An economy collapse is coming and is not going to be like the one in 2008. It will be a economical reset and the world is getting ready for it. China and Russia have been buying gold like crazy. The dollar does not have that much value. There are too many bubbles, globally, that they are about to implode.

@kcarcherv That is why my data is not up-to-date. I could not get in contact in enough time for my article to get the correct statistics so I had to use statistics from 2014. But, the economy for manufacturing where I live is good if you are physically able to do it, which I am not. I am writing these articles as a help for those who are having a hard time looking for work and ways they can try to find work if they are looking. Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your article. It will help, definitely but unfortunately there many things happening that we need to be aware of them. My best for everyone.

technically i'm unemployed right now, although self-employed would be more accurate. good luck!

What's up guys, Doug Polk here! Today we're going to be talking about a way I can give back to the Crypto Community.

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I come from the stock (and poker) world originally, and one of the basic tenants of investing is to always invest in dividend paying stocks, and assets that actually generate income. I love Bitcoin and Crypto as much as anyone, but the main issue for me is that almost none of them right now pay dividends or generate income. The Killer App that everyone is hoping will one day arrive is already here. Exchanges make money no matter if the market goes up or down. You can too by making passive income a reality.

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