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Obscurity is the biggest challenge of your business, not money or the value of your product or service.

Business is not the same as the world of Marvel super heroes movie franchise. In this real world, a customer can't do business with you not because your product is lousy but because he/she doesn't know you exist. Why? Because you are invisible. Your prospects can't see your social media page, business card, product brochures etc. The worse of all, the writings on your billboard close to your shop is faded, so how do I know that you offer this product or perform that service?

Take practical steps to ensure that your target market know that you exist, be at their face all the time. Be Visible enough to get noticed and be remarkable enough to grab their attention.! This is how you get customers and still retain the old ones, you have to be as sharp as a sword but as mild as a caring overseer. Your business' success lies within your palms!.

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Thank you for posting this here as well.

Looking forward to seeing more at Steemit.

Kind regards,

bleujay and @bentleycapital

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