Stores Already Prepping For 2nd Wave

There has been plenty of talk about a second wave coming and some stores, along with many individuals, are already making plans for it.

This includes stocking up on necessities that might be available now, which could become hard to come by in the months ahead if things get worse, and we see another situation like we did in the early part of the year with many empty shelves.

That might mean grabbing some extra toilet paper or canned goods while many are seeing abundant levels at local stores right now.

The ability of many families to afford those basic needs though is strained with millions who have lost their jobs or many others who are seeing fewer hours now at work because of the declining business in the market thanks to all of the COVID-19 related rules.

People have somewhat altered their shopping habits as a result of what they just went through.

This means that more people might be looking at stocking up, if possible, on things that they use most of. They don't want to find themselves in another situation like they did, probably many thought they would never go through such a thing. It's a heavy learning lesson to go through.

It's estimated that about 66 percent of people still remain unprepared for an emergency.

Prior to covid-19 that was about 72 percent who were unprepared.

Both in terms of being financially prepared or just prepared with items you use frequently at home, being stocked up, a great majority of people don't live that way.

They're living the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and they aren't going to be stocked up with toilet paper or hand sanitizer, or even flour or canned goods on average.

Through the first wave many businesses reached out to find new supplies and now they've gotten better at trying to serve that need in case of an emergency.

Finding local suppliers for meat and other goods.

That might mean going to hotels and other big venues for things like toilet paper or other commonly used items. Grabbing extra food supply from restaurants that aren't seeing as much business right now, and hooking up with local suppliers who can continue to meet the produce and meat supply for them etc.

In many ways the situation has made entrepreneurs stronger by requiring them to be creative and resourceful during a very difficult time. They should be more prepared to go through it again should a second wave come as expected.


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