The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common: 8 To Be Great.

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One millionaire and businessperson Richard John asked: "How do successful people become successful?" This question so possessed him that he spent ten years researching success. He interviewed more than 500 people, including bill gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, JK Rowling and other successful world. He asked them one question: "what qualities led you to success?" He wrote about the results of the study in the book " The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common: 8 To Be Great." I will tell you about all eight qualities.


The first and most important quality that unites all is love for their work. Writer Stephen King, for example, admits that although he earned "a lot of money for his prose," but he still did not put a single word on the paper just because of the money. Bill gates also says that he just liked to program and so it happened. Very few people chose the cause of life, based on how much you can earn. The main criterion: passion.


It's not enough to choose what you like. We need to start practicing this. All outstanding people have confirmed that they are hardworking. And, of course, there is no question of a "4-hour working" week. Those who succeed work 14-16 hours a day. For example, TV presenter Oprah Winfrey says that she comes to the shooting pavilion at 5.30 am, and leaves when it's dark. It is this hard work that has helped her repeatedly becomes the most influential celebrity according to Forbes magazine.


The ability to focus on your goal is another important skill. It is very important to be in love with your passion so much to be focused on it for a long time. Tennis player Serena Williams says that during the preparation for matches and tournaments she can not think about anything else but sports. "I constantly think about how I will behave, my rivals. I think about it before going to bed and waking up in the morning," says Serena. Such a concentration can ensure only the strongest commitment to the business.

Ability to overcome yourself

Each of us in the soul doubts himself. And successful people doubt twice. Actress Nicole Kidman says: "Every time I get the main role, I begin to run in horror for the Director and beg him to take on the role of another actress. I'm even writing a list of people who can do better than me. But then I take myself in hand and calm down" says Nicole. The ability to overcome their doubts and fears — another key skill leaders.


Very often we ask you to evaluate us and our talents of other people, many of whom are considered recognized experts. But people, as you know, tend to make mistakes. For example, before the novel "Harry Potter" was published, 12 publishers denied Joan Rowling. The 13th publisher only gave her consent, to which she sent her book. If it wasn't for her tenacity, the world would never have seen her romance. So you should never give up. Especially if you know that you are making a great product! Remember: experts are wrong too.


Another important element of success is creativity. People who achieve success, are able to see what is not there, what has not yet been created. For example, media Mogul Ted Turner came up with a 24-hour news broadcast and that's how it was. "I was sitting at home at night and suddenly asked myself:" What about those who want to watch the news at night?" So there is CNN24". Successful people first create something in their head, and then implement it in life.

Self-improvement ability

The right people never stop working on themselves. This is how assistant coach of Chicago Bulls John Bach said about basketball player Michael Jordan: "Michael had a rare ability: being already a genius, he worked every day to become even a little more brilliant." No matter how talented and gifted you are, if you do not always strive to move forward, you will be overtaken very quickly.

Ability to serve people

And the last is a kind of spiritual skill. You must be able to serve people and be in "giving." Every outstanding leader serves people and puts them at the head of their business, projects and so on. As rightly said one day, group CEO of General Electric Jack Welch: "We want to create a company, which will become clients." Those who try to create true value for people always win.

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