Announcing the Ascension of King George & Debunking The Law of Attraction

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King George? I hear you say with a quizzical frown.

King George The Oracle Bunny is no ordinary Lepus with his extraordinarily large auditory appendages and canny ability to communicate with The Higher Angelic Realms! He is a gift to his people who, through his wit and wisecracks is sharing, (no nonsensensical navel gazing new age tripe,) enlightened wisdom for the love of his people!

He has his own site which he prefers to call his Virtual Palace but, unlike normal elitist monarchs, his doors are always open to one and all. He wishes to extend an open invitation to hop on by for a cucumber sandwich and sniff around:

King George has much to say and, today, wishes to share this truth direct from the guys in the skies, (angels):

'The Law of Attraction is a nonsense concept designed to confound, confuse and depress people by the elite who know that the common man will grasp onto straws when desperate and waste valuable energy following useless doctrine thereby missing the true way.

The true way is to have self belief and tenaciously work towards achieving your goals whilst acknowledging that not all are put on earth to be financially rich. To be cash prosperous is not everyones' destiny and to feed people the lie that through mood boards, visualisation etc, money and success will flow gives false hope and can lead to depression and apathy which plays into the hands of those that wish to control the people.

Do not look for quick fixes: movies such as The Secret are based on falsehoods and there are no shortcuts to success which, by the way, wears many different hats - no one size fitting all.'


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Excellent, our thoughts must have met through space. Laughter! I just had a similar topic. Much in the media is nonsense and we all know it. But ever so often fall for nicely put phrases. Law of attraction, that reminds me of a mysterious speaker, I think it's a woman talking in the name of "Abraham", was the name, I guess. It's fun though listening to her and some of what she said attracted my attention. :) Best thing is not to talk badly about people and trying to always put their strengths forward instead of their flaws. Difficult!

I like this mature attitude of this content of yours. Speaks to me.