Social exclusion and bullying the root-cause of most school shootings - not mental illness

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School shootings are something that have become a part of everyday life when living in America. And as the power of the weapons we manufacture gain strength, so does the number of casualties of these shootings. Nevertheless, as time progresses and these events pop in and out of the mainstream media, the blame seems to shift every time, to some other person, government body or institution. Though passing the blame may help to numb the pain temporarily, it is obvious due to the prevalence of these events, that this methodology is simply not working.

Unfortunately, there are a lot clear similarities between school shooting and mass murderer conducti's. Nearly 99.9 percent of the time these individuals are men in there teens or twenties and have been victim's of bullying, social exclusion and furthermore social isolation. With that being said, it is asinine to think that most schools and government bodies spend most of their financial, social and intellectual resources helping girls, when in essence the people that need this help the most are boys and young men.

Most girls can find support elsewhere, at home, from their partners or friends. Where most of the time, males do not have this same level of support at their disposal and many of the times if they reach out for support from the few people that they may know, they are ridiculed as a result. Consequently, the lack of support is only one reason for why this relationship exists.

Concurrently, there has also been a major paradigm-shift in the way we have been raised and taught how to treat people. Mainstream media has taught us that if you do not fit a certain framework - whether that be physically, socially or intellectually, there must be something wrong with you and furthermore that you should be avoided at all costs. At an early age - in some cases as early as kindergarten, your fate of being deemed popular or unpopular has been set in stone and sadly, like most of the people that conduct these mass shootings, this is the trigger point in many cases for these events.

A lot of people may consider this victim blaming, but in essence it is not. I do not know how it is such a readily available thought process that we should be able to bullying and abuse someone as much we like, but in turn not expect any retaliation as a result. Whether it is consciously or subconsciously, 99.9 percent of people are bullies and usually discount the people around them based on superficial and hedonistic ideologies that have no sound logic or reasoning and are simply a byproduct of their own self righteousness.

From my 32 year of experience on this earth, most people readily engage in downward social comparisons, take pleasure in the failures of others and make faulty assumptions of other peoples capabilities, intelligence and self-worth, in an effort to feel better about themselves. Most people cant go a single day without thinking that they are the best at what they do, that their job is harder than anyone else's and that their life is the most difficult and with this self-centered modus of operandi, it is fairly obviously why some people snap.

Sadly, going full circle back to the discussion at-hand, their have been some positive attempts to address this issue. Sadly these initiatives to bolster social inclusion have become more of a laughing-stock than anything. Rather than trying to teach people to be inclusive at a young age and punish children who blatantly illustrate bullying/exclusive tendencies, we have tried to address these problems long after the damage has been done though LGTBQ and other similar movements. Unfortunately, if these characteristics aren't stopped at inception, it is too late and shooting after shooting will occur.

Though I know it may be hard, put yourself into one of these young men's shoes. Imagine having no friends, no sexual partners, no social life or entity of what is considered to be normal. Referring to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, human needs a certain amount of human interaction to mature and grow properly. If they are starved of this from a young age, it is easy to see how their brains would not mature properly. I am sure many of these individuals did not start off at birth as being weird, awkward or not being worthy of being friends with. Most of them were probably faced with negative social interaction after negative social interactions and eventually became this way.

In summation, though this may sound like a real dystopian approach this problem. If we are simply looking for these people to take abuse and not retaliate, why not end the lives of these children at a young age, before they have a chance to fight back? In most cases, these children have a documented history of being bullied and abused as children, that usually comes up in court proceedings after they perpetrate one of these shootings. So if we have this information at our disposal, why not use it accordingly? If we are so bent and focused on accommodating the children who won genetic lotteries and making sure they are safe, why not just get rid of any other children that do no fit this profile?

How often do you see a high school football team captain or cheerleader shoot up the school ? How often do you see that blond haired blue eye valedictorian prepping herself for the next 4 years at a top tier university, load up a few AK47's and start popping off fellow classmates? There is a blatant and obvious relationship that exists here. Why it is being ignored, we will never know. The tool are their, sadly I think the allocation of resources is not.

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Thanks for sharing this thought @fuckmylife

This is a very valid point which is obviously being ignored. I hope there will be stronger support system in the society. Also, really hope mentorship will be more encouraged, not only in schools but also in the workplace, worship centers and other social groups.... We shouldnt make some people feel less of themselves cox when they feel totally hopeless, they got nothing to loose again.


I know for a fact that mentorship would have helped me out greatly in both my professional life and my life as a adolescent . Sadly when you have a condition like mine, but people don't want to be associated with someone that looks like me. Most think I am on crack or other hard drugs, when in actuality I have never taken a hard drug in my life. When I was too young to take drugs, they use to call me crack baby. Now that I am older, people just assume I look the way I look because I am on crack. Rarely doesn't anyone take a second to think what else may be wrong with me. Thank you for your reply


What a biased society that we live in.. Financial firms will mandate their male employees to have a clean shave and suit up so that they can look responsible, reliable and seem like their integrity is intact - its all about acting up!

Dont judge a book by its cover is a popular saying - but how many people live by it???

People are too impatient to get to know who one really is, they just jump into conclusion... It happens even on steemit!

@fuckmylife Just be yourself and always shock them with your good deeds!