What is going on with follows?

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I know im not the only one experiencing this.
How many of you are getting unsubscribed from folks you follow?
Ive subscribed some accounts three times to come back and find them unsubscribed, again.
Its my understanding that follows are consensus data, they are logged on the chain.
Is this just a ui issue, or is it a serious bug?


I haven't noticed that but I have noticed some glitches sometimes. Sometimes I have to refresh the page and it will show me that I am actually following someone. I think sometimes I have been able to follow someone and click follow again and it showed the two follows in steemd.

It has been happening since I have been here, even fulltimegeek was removed from my follow list when I was writing for his cause, it makes no sense for me to delete him, maxigan was another that was steemit removed, and a few other let us say "political dissenters" make of it what you will, it seems a bit suspicious though to me.

I noticed it was the political ones, too.
I spent over a year trying to get @submedia here, then i get unsubscribed?

Let's be real here who isn't going to be political on your follow list. :p

Nah, this is a bug I've seen other people talk about, my follower/followed numbers seem to fluctuate daily as well.

Im getting told refreshing helps, its just the ui failing to load them.

Lol, not many nonpolitical types on my list, for sure.

I think the ones that unfollow are resteem bots looking for followbacks.

Good to know this is happening. There has to be an easier way in which we can report these problems. Crypto and blockchain blogs are supposed to be hubs for people who tried their luck on mainstream sites like Youtube and got jack squat!

Im told if you will refresh they will be there, its just the browser not loading them.
Have you joined minds.com?
They have a great community, too.

I was on Minds. I saw a small community there (maybe it's grown), but mostly I saw a lot of alt-rightist posts hitting the top of the feed and I didn't want to get doxxed. But you're having an ok time there?

Yeah, the halls are still plenty empty, but the openness is good.
The folks I've interacted with there have all been nice.

I may not like what the racists say, but I like that they have a place to say it.
I wouldn't worry too much about getting doxxed, they let you sign up throwaway accounts without emails, or did, anyways.

I am fairly new here, so my problem may not have the same cause as yours.

When I started, I had a lot of people following me immediatly and I just decided to also follow them in one fell swoop, clicking through them all. Looking at it a bit later, I notice that a lot of the people I wanted to follow were actually not followed by me, so I did it again at a later time.

When I did that, I noticed that some kind of error message kept popping up in the left bottom corner. My hunch is that I followed these persons a bit too quickly for the server to keep up, so I have to do it a bit slower.

Yes, that has happened a lot as I previously stated in a comment not long ago. Some people may have unfollowed and muted deliberately, others removed by a conscious effort to devaluate steemit authors. Thought or bug, I don't know. The answer usually lies in both.

Ive noticed that i really thought they were just unfollowing me

Seems to be a bug.

Do you think someone is behind this or do you rhink its an error

Hard to say, that it hasnt been fixed is telling, though.

Dam but im sure its better off to be off right now

It is definitely an ui issue. As you said, the data can't get removed from the chain. Sometimes it helps when I refresh the page with F5 or Ctrl+F5 (for forced res reload).

BTW: Thanks for your donation ;)

So, its just a display bug, the browser doesnt load the data?

No problem, thanks for your work.

Yes. I've checked it a few times on SteemWorld and the follows were all still there.

Why would follows be consensus data?
It seems to me that they are added bloat that could be reduced.

So far I've noticed 4 people have unfollowed in the last couple of days. I was at 310 now 306. I'm guessing it is bots that have been deleted? idk?

Probably reblog bots looking for followbacks while keeping their follows low.
I need to check to see if the unfollowed accounts still show in my feed.
Im getting told to refresh the browser, its a ui loading flaw.

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