First Look At Cured White Querkle Bud!

in budporn •  3 months ago

Now these buds are really something! They're dense and they're abundant in resin. And they're gonna knock your socks off even if you're a daily toker!

The seeds were provided by my forum buddy, who outcrossed his exceptional White Widow mother to a reversed Querkle plant, and then backcrossed it, so he could get closer to the WW.

She was taken at 8 weeks, and I'm telling you she's fixing to be my favourite night time bud ATM. The bud is very strong and quite heavy, but it has the nerve to keep my mind stimulated.

Not the best bag appeal, mostly due to the colour. But that's exactly how a real indica looks, a lot of sugar leaves, where most of the trichomes settle. You trim them, and use them to make a lot of hash. And speaking of hash, WQ one is a real killer! Definitely not for the weak of heart!


💨 💨 💨

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Nice buds

Looking good bro!

Looking good, even with the cat hair on the last pic 😂

It’s not kind bud without some pet hair or pubes 😹


Yeah I have 3 cats, so their hair is everywhere. No way to get rid of it completely... I actually saw it on a picture and I pulled it later :)


Almost Every time I take a close up of a bud I have to pull a hair off 😂

The best big bags of bud growing up always had a pube in them. That’s how u knew it was the good homegrown

Grats on the grow.


Thx a lot!