Noble Intention behind Steemit

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I strongly believe this is noble idea and platform behind steemit.

The intentions behind such platform is a cure to centralization and abuse of financial power and bestow rewards on those who are creative and put efforts.


I have known that the value of medicine lies in its ability to cure disease; the value of a method of practice lies in its ability to get rid of defilement. Actually, any path that leads to the abandonment of defilement and to release from suffering is right. All such methods must follow the basic principles of virtue, concentration and discernment, and differ only as to whether they are crude or sophisticated, direct or indirect, fast or slow.

Thus, I want you, the reader, to use your own discernment.

External merit is like a tasty curry. But if the dish is clean and the curry delicious, the person eating is likely to eat with confidence to his heart’s content.

If it’s served in a filthy dish, then even though the curry may be delicious, the person eating it won’t want to eat his fill because of the filth.

As for discernment, it’s something we all have, but if it lacks intuitive understanding, it can never get beyond the world. May the power arising from this gift bear them fruit, so that whatever they aspire to that is upright and just may succeed in bringing them happiness in every way.

And while discerning please remember

The cognitive and purpose side of the mind do not remain isolated in separate compartments but intertwine and interact in close correlation. Emotional predilections influence views and views determine predilections. Thus the penetrating view of nature of existence, gained through deep reflection and validated through investigation, brings with a restructuring of values which sets the mind moving towards goals commensurate with new vision. The application of mind needed to achieve those goals is what is meant by right intention. - Buddha

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I did it with an intention to get more views being a new bee here. I have learnt what is frownded here. Thanks much.

I hope you have read my post and will let me know your view on steemit as a platform. How is it working for you. I have read your posts and you are good.


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