Looks like someone had their post rewards halved after HF21 ....steemCreated with Sketch.

in btc •  2 months ago 

more or less ... the impact of the motion however
more or less ... spelled out that it was a global ripple ...

thing is : BTC early adopters (and im not talking people who were there but wanna-be investors who jumped on the bandwagon YEARS later) still have a margin of anywhere between 100 to 1000% profit even AFTER this ...

people buying back in ? real money goes for the gold first, they almost always do, before they go for the silver and rarely for the zinc or tin, unless there's some leftover coppers in their pocket ... trends over the years alike, BTC has chance of recovering while the others have less ...

xrp is libra , its just been around since before big gov.t heard the magic words crypto and blockchain most marketeers now use is if they were crypto-anarchists in disguise , otherwise google probably would have been checked at the start, lol

how funny, this world of yours

so now my post rewards are 25%ed ? wtg so far .... :-)

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