Uh oh... I accidentally deposited on BitMex Again!

in btc •  2 months ago

Yup... I was lured in. My portfolio has slowly crept up a little bit the past couple of days, but missing out on BTC going up was driving me a little batty. So I sent about $60 in BTC over to BitMex to "play".

I did this once before and went total Degen... took out a 100x long on ETH and wiped out. Playing it a little cooler this time. Opened some low leverage longs to see how things play out. Went long on ETH, Cardano and Tron since those all look primed to pump.

I have a buy order in on a BTC long, but I think we dip a little before we go up again, so that hasn't filled yet.

$60 will get burned through quick if I get liquidated on any of these positions, but I've lost more on my HMNY position, so it's not going to kill me if I get liquidated everywhere.

Do you BitMex or naw?

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Nope. Just some bitcoin I hold via coinbase europe. I can buy only 5 different coins there.


hmmmm.... well with limited options it kind of forces you to play risk management. I own 70+ different coins. I have shitty risk management due to a plethora, or a cornucopia of choices. LOL

Good luck, love the leverage/hate the leverage!!


EXACTLY! I played it too fast and loose last time. learned my lesson, staying in low leverage this time around!

I have not used bitmex. There could be big rewards if done right, kinda like futures trading if I'm reading right?

Also pm me on discord with your details for your monster raffle prize! Fat Elvis #5829

And congrats!!


correct... it is basically degen gambling. On Bitmex you can go long or short on BTC, ETH, EOS, ADA, BCH, TRX and maybe one or two others.

I'm looking for a retrace on BTC before buying in on a long there. Shoulda gotten my deposit in a week ago... coulda been in good profit right now!

Message sent on Discord! Thanks man!


Sweet! I'll go check it out, Thanks!

Kyc is compulsory right?

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