Be careful on what we are investing

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ICOs are the most risky investment in the cryptocurrencies world and everybody who chooses to invest in ICO tokens should be doing it with high amount of caution.


When investing in an ICO, you need to make sure that the organizers are well known and have the knowledge to finish the project as planned, because ICO projects tend to fail and most of them won't even complete what they promised.

On the 2nd hand, you need to make sure that the market cap is not too big, because then you won't have enough space to make the profit and it won't worth the risk.

this would been always part of the risk since we do know ICO investment do really have the tendency on getting failed or scammed along the way.You cant change the fact since there are really people who are greedy which they do all the possible things as long they can able to make money.They do see that ICO are one of the best ways to earn easy money to their investors.Creating a very unique project which can really caught attention but on the other side devs do already have the plans on scamming.

i would be interested to know if kickstarter, gofundme and similar crowdfunding platforms are prone towards being as scamworthy as ICOs are developing a reputation for being.

It might be said that Star Citizen's kickstarter funding program isn't that different from an ICO. People invested millions in Star Citizen and many of them feel as if they never received what they paid for. That's not far from the typical model of the scam ICO which common wisdom says it is good to avoid. Star Citizen might be compared to an ICO which receives more than $140 million in funding and fails to deliver on its promises.

I get the impression its unfair for ICOs to be lambasted with negative sentiment and would guess that gofundme, kickstarter and other crowd funding programs are likely prone towards being as untrustworthy as ICOs are.


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