How I see bitcoin right now.

in btc •  3 months ago


Currently I see bitcoin bullish in the short term, we seem to formed an uptred that is still being respected.

But the potential to the upside won't be as great right now and I see huge potential to hit the 2k area very quickly now.
The only good news about this is that this could lead to capitulation quickly.

Since we broke thru 6k I am even more bearish in the longer term and pretty confident we have not seen the bottom yet.

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I think we will test 3,000. It seems like most of the movement right now is provoked by liquidated shorts and longs. My current plans are to buy below 3200 and sell any short term rebounds above my buy.

Eeesh, crypto is going to get cheap if that happens. If we thought these prices were low, imagine what they could be if Bitcoin drops to 2k. Our Steem votes will barely register! Ha ha. Could be another good buying opportunity.

I think it can move to 2.5k before climbing up again and that will kill many small cryptos.

The same I seeing. Bearisch will go a bit more longer, it is not over jet....

I agree Bitcoin hasn't seen its lows yet. There is more to come in the next days and weeks ahead. I can see that Bitcoin will drop another 30%-40% to 2500$ - 3000$ the last historic support zone. From there we could see some good buying and a decent pullback. The correction pattern that we see right now should come to a stop any time soon. I don't see Bitcoin going higher than 4600$ because the moving average are coming down very steep... I watch EMA 10 and 21.

( I noticed that you used the 1H chart to determine the 2000$ target. I would suggest to pick a bigger time frame. The trendlines in the daily chart + moving averages are more clear to determine)

Screenshot 58.png

The interest in Bitcoin has largely died down. Here is the Google Trends chart.

There really aren't any huge tech developments from Bitcoin and things are not very likely to change IMHO. The alt-coins will eventually claw out of this with killer products. @steemhunt and @steemmonsters are two projects I have many hopes about when it comes to STEEM.

I won't expect much change until Q2 or Q3 2019. The market has to grow up. There is a major disconnection in what I see on and what I see on

I do think your green arrow is the way, not only because I believe it will happen, but because we would need to get way down before entering that downtrend you marked.

Thankyou for news in bitcoin I was worried about this and now I see steem-bounty I wil make this witness vote. Keep up this good work lol keep it up ;)) xoxoxo

I agree as no bottom is put in until large volumes come out of this market. However, I think it will be short-lived as buyers will also come i strongly if the right signals appear

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