BTC right now

in btc •  16 days ago 

I am currently quite bullish on BTC.

It looks to me like we broke out of the corrective move after going from 3k to 14kish.

But we are taking a breather. Which also seem normal as long as we stay above the red are I pointed out.

If we go below that, something else is going on.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 4.11.51 AM.png

Very critical is the volume profile, which you see on the right part of the chart. Do to this big gab it seem quite likely that we may have to go a bit lower from here.

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Agree, from here, I see us going down one last time before things start kicking off and the media start spreading the FOMO once again!

I hope we go a little bit higher in the next weeks 👍

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Hi @knircky

I think we should keep that positive aspect, and I think there will be a small bounce up that is what we are all waiting for.

What could happen is one run but I see it very difficult

Yours, Lanz José