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Sealem Lab is building a blockchain-based Gamefi protocol, where it's building an new ecosystem of Gamefi products that will interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing risk to users through the DeFi mechanism. Sealem Lab will focus supports with the opportunities to choose and evaluate the decisions that they make and by disrupting the market gaps that will bring synergies to the Sealem Lab ecosystem. They’re building a new blockchain protocol where every user can evaluate decentralized investments and access the smart contracts and interact with everything in the Sealem Lab ecosystem into one place on the Sealem Lab Gamefi protocol through their decentralized applications where it'll making every process more efficient and safer.

Sealem Lab team will designing an new blockchain game that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Smart-Contracts to integrate cryptocurrencies into a fun and innovative game ecosystem. Unlike other traditional network today, Sealem Lab has will ensure maximum efficiency with digital assets which can be purchased directly from the Blockchain public network and through NFT is a new innovation that can change all physical forms that exist in the real world into digital forms that are distributed on the Blockchain public network. Unlike the traditional NFT system, it offers a unique form that cannot be duplicated so as to create a powerful system where cryptographic encryption forms a digital asset designed only by its original creator. Blockchain technology makes this possible with a publicly verifiable Distributed-Ledger ensuring a transparent system form and by transforming it to DAO governance scheme it will ensure to becoming an focused community-ecosystem.


Unique Mechanism
Sealem Lab is an new and different from the other NFT ecosystem and unlike other nft mechanics Sealem Lab to be designed with more fun gamefi portal by including various game and combining different elements where it'llensure fair mechanics. Users can choose the game they want and take part of contribution through DAO. Sealem Lab will also providing every user staking option where they not only play the game but also earn at the same time. They will also providing Play-To-Earn mechanism with unique game and bonding scheme where it's also implementing DeFi to their game so user can also earn from the gameplay. Sealem Lab will also providing governance where every user can take part to the development, For more details you can read more details here;


NFT Growth
NFT is one of the most unique innovations on the market where it'll offers a new concept to the Global market and through the form of Non-Fungible Tokens it'll also allows a decentralized system that facilitates tokenization of various forms of assets more transparently and safely, Through the distributed-ledger blockchain network it'll creates a form of new audit mechanism where it can be done by everyone on the network, NFT also can be integrated into the various sectors and one of them is games which offers a new blockchain-based gamefi protocol where it's more powerful, transparent and safer, the Play-To-Earn Mechanism will also creates a new blockchain economy where it's not controlled by any centralized entity and makes it a pleasant gaming experience for everyone. In the last 5 years itself the market capitalization of NFT has increased more than 5x with a value of more than $500 Million this year, Sealem lab on the other side it comes with an innovative new Play-To-Earn Gamefi protocol.


Sealem Lab team will offers new gamefi mechanics where it's combined with the fun Play-To-Earn game on the network with the DeFi, it's not only focusing on the one point and the team that designed this Gamefi portal will combines various unique elements in one ecosystem. Every users can play their favorite game and earn at the same time, with this combination enabling a more enjoyable gameplay, In the future they will also integrating it with the metaverse mechanism. Sealem Lab will also offers more exclusive features and various game. I personally highly recommend you guys be a part of this project and give their platform a try later!
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