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Metaverse is as yet a genuinely new idea and there are incalculable gatherings dealing with the idea to make it great. At the present time, it just takes a VR headset to plunge into the Metaverse. You might end up headed to buy computerized things that come as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in metaverse projects, and assuming that you have an extra cash that you can extra to such leisure activities and be cautious with your expenditures, there ought to not be anything to stress over.

This could change from here on out, however, contingent upon the kind of Metaverse we end up with. In the event that the metaverse idea vigorously mirrors our ongoing regular day to day existences, perhaps there can likewise be wrongdoing in it. Fraud can be one of the main security issues that the metaverse idea needs to manage, however that is especially into the future, and many brilliant personalities are dealing with the idea all in all to make it great.

About Bridge in Gain
Bridge In Gain is a computer game world in view of Metaverse innovation, where computer games are given a modern ideal world or oppressed world by introducing different game classes that can be delighted in by all individuals, including Sci-fi, MMORPG, FPS, Hunting Adventure which can be gotten to through entryway inside Bridge in Gain.

Games are coordinated into society through reasonable perceptions that have the potential for a flood in buyer interest in Blockchain innovation. This huge flood in customer interest is likewise simultaneously another chance for some individuals to track down their fortune.

Bridge In Gain Metaverse is at the front line of creating Blockchain-based gaming innovation and is a trailblazer in carrying this innovation into the worldwide economy.

We are focused on joining a few imaginative advances and applying them successfully in the realm of games and regular daily existence

We endeavor to give an astounding encounter to clients by introducing character regulator highlights utilizing haptic glove and VR gadgets
We maintain a business without distance cutoff points to be the best stage for MSME players all over the planet, particularly Indonesia.


Play to Earn
This game can be played free of charge or potentially paid, however any type of procurement turns into a resource that is completely possessed by the player with a deflationary component that permits the player to benefit. Strangely, games in the BIG Metaverse can be played for nothing yet players can in any case get BIG tokens without spending a penny which is much of the time called play to procure (P2E).

Premium Store
The Premium Shop or Premium Shop is a thing buy highlight gave by the designer to players in Bridge in Gain, in the Premium Shop there are different things, for example, Wardrobe, Accessories, Character Interface, Vehicle, Property, and Function. The conversion standard or money esteem that applies to making buys in the Premium Shop is utilizing Manik (gamecash), which can be acquired by top-up (fiat) through Player Super Apps or through the Website. Bridge In Gain utilizes a decentralized stockpiling framework, to disseminate resources in the game, every resource that should be delivered will take a record reference into the savvy contract.

NFT Market
The NFT Marketplace is an element in Bridge In Gain where computerized resources or NFTs are usually shown and exchanged. In this commercial center, computerized authorities can sell, purchase or make NFTs to address responsibility for resources or things, either unmistakable (physical) or immaterial (advanced) to be shown or enlisted in the NFT Marketplace. Each virtual resource in the NFT commercial center can distinguish the maker, proprietorship, portrayal, and authentic record of possession, and can recognize the worth of a resource. The accompanying classes of things are accessible in the NFT Marketplace.


Vesting Period
Token Sale

Seed deal - tokens can be bought during the seed deal for 3% of the all out supply, which is 7,500,000 at a cost of $ 0.01.
Private sale - tokens will be bought during the confidential deal for 10% of the all out supply, which is 25,000,000 at a cost of $0.02.
Presale - tokens will actually want to be bought at the hour of presale for 15% of the complete stock which is 37,500,000 at a cost of $ 0.04.
Public sale - tokens will actually want to be bought at the hour of the public deal for 18% of the all out supply, which is 45,000,000 at a cost of $ 0.06.
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