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RE: Quick BTC morning update 08.08.18

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Yep, very nice setup. I'm smiling right now watching all the weak hands and "get rich fast" mofo panic selling because SEC Delayed VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF decision to September... haha. Look at these bullish RSI divergences on the 4H (lower prices, but higher lows); look at the reaction of the MACD, look at the bigger trend moves... and I could go on and on. A rally MAY occur in the short term (I insist on the MAY, even if I have been strongly tempted to use "SHOULD" instead).

What they don't get is, this is actually excellent news we got there. Why? Well, the SEC has not coldly disapproved it, instead they felt like they need more time, because it's actually worth considering... so the door is now open. News justifying the forecast? Absolutely yes, in many ways.

In the end, August may not end up as boring as many tend to forecast! I for one have my very own opinion and counts on the subject.

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