I gamble a lot of time, so I can win more! - Interview with 50 BNB winner

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Hi dude, how are you? For how long have you been playing on BetFury?
I’ve been playing on BF for more than a year. A few months after it was released.

After your huge win streak in dice with BNB bets, you should change your Nickname for BNB King or Maybe Dice King!😁 By the way - tell us the history of your nickname.
I like CircleKing because I used to play a lot of Circle on BF. I won over 2 BTC once but I lost it all trying to win some more. Now I like to play Dice more because I could mine more BFG tokens.

What is more important to you - the victory or the game process? How do you spend the money you’ve won?
I like to win battles on BF. One time I spent all my btc just trying to be #1 on the daily battle. I spent my money I won right back at mining and gaming on BF.

Do you have a game strategy? Is it possible to build a strategy in gambling?
I do somewhat have a Dice strategy. However, it is too boring to mine slowly. So I gamble a lot of time so I can win more.

Do you like the idea of BFG Token merging? How do you see the future of BFG token
I like the token merging idea because I know supply will decrease a lot. Less supply will mean higher in bfg token price. I know BF is always thinking ahead and it is a way for us to grow and bring back money to players. I think the more money I make my BFG tokens the more I will gamble on BetFury.

Do your friends play on BetFury?
I tried to invite my friends, but they were too busy. I know once they try the games on here they will be addicted.

😍 Thank you for the interview, let's make a short Blitz:
⭐️Your favourite Slot?
Slot Aztec Coin from Platipus

⭐️Do you like energy drinks while gambling?
No I don’t drink energy drink while gambling just water

⭐️The biggest multiplier you ever had?
Biggest multiplier is 200x but I like 50x catching yellow on Circle

⭐️Your favourite In-House game?
Favorite in house game used to be Circle but now it’s Dice

⭐️What New features do you want to see on BetFury?
I like to see Poker and NFT games on BetFury

⭐️What cryptocurrency would you like to see on the BetFury platform?
I think Litecoin, ADA, LINk would be nice 👍

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