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Looks like a buy signal.

the OG

I gave you an upvote, Beanie asked me to. He tried to get some change from his Mother before she set out for her day at the bingo hall, but she didn't look back when he called her name :( Just another day in the Adventures of Lil' Beanie...

Screen Shot 20190120 at 12.51.24 PM.png

lmao LB

incoming ETH post?

A most inspired comment.

A comment about the coin in question being of fecal matter.

A comment about
The coin in question being
Of fecal matter.

                 - acidyo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


You got a 91.86% upvote worth $0.047 from @upvotewhale courtesy of @eii!


...or, "BitCoin", the groundbreaking encrypted currency launched in 2009 on the internet and mined by Game Processing Units on computers and improvised mainframes everywhere


Our own Bernie is rumored to be Satoshi Nakamoto and hates seeing the state of STEEM(it) and would like to run these founders outta town on a rail, tarred and feathered




BTC is a decentralized monetary unit.
Decentralization means that there is no single issuing center, there is no service that would block accounts, etc. In essence, this is a p2p system consisting of equal participants.

Bitcoin Tall Cost

When moon

Down now btc ..

brb bitmex long 9000x

We need more content that gets straight to the point I love it. 😁

Don't worry dear.. bottom up..btc

Will be incredible Running up recently

Btc best crypto but now time so very inspected price..

One love =BTC

OMG BTc post to provide now..

Love BTc..

Is taking a big dump

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Relatively Stable for a long time...

Bite The Candy

the biggest one

I'm praying it rises

BTC = Wealth

BTC up or down


Big Throbbing Chihuahua..... Right?

is the reason steem is down, not anything else.

I gonna convert some of my steems to BTC.


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Hey Bernie, for a laugh, you're the superstar in my subtitled COM video - interviewing Ned & hysterically falling apart as he tries to BS his way through it. Part of the fun in this was you potentially getting a kick out of it. Hope you enjoy it.

Hi @berniesanders

I leave this comment because you are the owner of @nextgencrypto and @randowhale account. I am sorry if it is not.

I am posting a thoroughly based on the data on the STEEM chain. Also, I have never been down-voted for using STEEMIT for over a year as an honest and influential user.

By the way, since the @shitpostnotify account did not give any reason and downvoted on my article, I went to that account and voted down protestally.

But then many accounts came down, voted down my article, and wrote a lot of shit photos in comments.

Describe the reason for the downward vote. If it is a fair downvote, it can be accepted. However, even if there is a good reason, it is not advisable to write a lot of shit photos in a comment. It is unpleasant.

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It's late, but happy new year.

Many flags for a flag.

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There will be more where those came from.


Bernie I try to never ask you for anything. But this one time if you could please help me with this I would never forget it. I want to help people with manual curation. I am now in the running for a 10k SP delegation from Dan. Please help me do this. <333

I would have contacted you in private but this is my only way to message you. If you ever need me I am kawaiicrush#9789.

If you do not win, let me know.

Ok thank you Bernie <3 Resting in 5th place out of 10 on the screen. Beating DSound at the moment :D