bSteem for IOS and Android: Newest Mobile Steemit App

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There’s great news on Steemit today. A week ago @jm90mm launched bSteem for IOS and Android with the goal to ensure the best user experience on the Steem blockchain. When I first started in Steemit, this is something I was really looking for – a mobile app where I can access my Steemit account securely and easily since I am always on the go. In fact, according to, there are actually 4.93 Billion mobile users worldwide. Surely, this kind of app is really needed for the Steem Blockchain. Fortunately, @jm90mm designed and already released this amazing bSteem app for Steemit users. I immediately downloaded it so I can try to experience and learn what’s in it for us in using this app.

Here’s a walkthrough for the app.

First download the app through the following links:


Downloading the app was easy and fast. You then login using SteemConnect, including all authentications. bSteem will never ask you for your password/private keys.
My first impression, bSteem looks remarkable and very promising already. For busy users like yours truly, particularly those who don’t have the time to login on your laptop or desktop, this app is perfect for you since it allows you to create and post content, make a comment, upvote posts/comments, and even resteem on your mobile phone. You can do similar actions done on or



In creating a post, you can easily see post preview and save draft of your post. You can even customize the rewards as well to 50% SBD and 50% SP, 100% Steem Power, or Declined. A main advantage of the app is that it makes curation a lot easier as well.



Viewing other posts is also very easy since the app supports the sorting of posts by trending, hot, active, and newest. It is easy to press a tag to take you to its respective feed and to sort it. You can also save a tag and create a customized bSteem feed.

You can customize your feed with your favorite tag, post, or user’s profile, by clicking on the star icon. The saved content screen can be seen by clicking the star icon on the top right of the home screen.


Searching content and viewing images is also easy. If a post has an or multiple images, clicking on it will bring you to the image gallery where you can view the images only or share the image within Steemit or through your other social media apps. You can also share your post to other apps by merely clicking on the share button or copying the post URL through the post menu.



Another impressive feature from recent upgrade is you can customize bSteem as you like it. The app runs a user-friendly design for a richer user experience as you can choose between dark theme (for night viewing) or light theme and many other themes. If you are bored with the current color settings, you can choose from a list of preset themes or create your own theme by picking out and adjusting the different color settings. It makes using the app a more pleasant experience.



You can also enable NSFW posts, compact view, voting slider, and default vote percentage in the settings. In compact mode of posts, you can only see the title and preview body of the post.


You can also easily see your upvotes from the long list of voters on a post. There is an option to sort the list by Vote Value, Reputation, Username or Time in just one click.



Another interesting feature of the app is there is the personal messaging feature integrated with it. You can easily send messages to any user with one click of the “Send Message” on a user’s profile. This is very useful for better communication and interaction within the Steemit community without needing to go to other messaging apps like Discord, Viber, WhatsApp or the like.


Most impressive for this app is that unlike other apps, bSteem is absolutely FREE! Whenever you create a post on bSteem, no rewards are taken from its users or from the reward pool. It is said that bSteem is made with its users in mind and focuses on pushing technology advancement forward rather than seeking profit. With the goal of bSteem to be the best mobile app on Steem, all feedback and feature requests are welcome and the app is constantly upgraded with new exciting features. Some exciting future features are push notifications, video uploads, photo editor and a lot more!

With this kind of app, I can see Steemit being easily propelled into mass adoption. Because of the user-friendly interface and interesting features, it makes the navigation of Steemit easier to the newbie or even for the advanced Steemit user.

I am truly grateful that JM Myers @jm90mm personally contacted me regarding his release of the bSteem app. In case you’re wondering, he is also presently working on

For any questions / inquiries and any other feature requests for the app you can easily email the developer at [email protected]

Since the app is relatively new, in case there are bugs or any issues with the app, you may submit here:

You can also join the bSteem discord here:

Go ahead and try bSteem yourself there’s nothing to lose.
Let’s also support @jm90mm for his great initiative for the steemit community we need more people like him that would really push steemit to another level.



Connect with me:

Steemit: @janicehung
Instagram: @janicehungwushu
Youtube: Janice Hung
Facebook: JaniceHungTV
Join me in discord :


I'm a member of the #gratefulvibes community
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Woow! that's so cool, I am so excited

really this is cool

We definitely need apps like this. Hoping to see it grow its user like the Steem does. More option is great things in life. Great post and effort @janicehung

Great work!

Its a cool app - thats what appears from your review . I will give it a try and yes steem community desperately in need of an app . Fluid , user friendly and multifunctional app is a must for steem to be adopted by millions.

Janice thank you for helping me discover bsteem which I am now very excited about after reading your post! I found your post in my discord channel and will resteem soon!

Thanks @jerrybanfield for the support! Let me know of any issues or feature requests!

Thanks @jm90mm for the wonderful and amazing apps, Steemians will surely love it.
Thanks @janicehung for sharing!

Welcome Jerry😊 This app is really amazing and user friendly steemit community should learn about this.

This apps is really amazing.i love this post very good...

browser for Steemit on my mobile. With ESteem I was never really satisfied, I will test the app for sure, thanks for the good news.

wow...this is a amazing apps bsteem
its really useing easy steemit
thanks for share this apps
its helpfull for us
DQmZsshK2Wn2HBwi3MJXw8cE7DmGBLj2JxTnKEExxr4kog9 (1).gif

I did it!. The download was pretty simple, and apart from being a newbie and not having the password already typed and saved in my phone somewhere, the longest part of the process was typing in my password. It did take a while to login in though. Maybe I was being too impatient. But thank you so much for creating it @jm90mm and @janicehung for sharing it.

Wow! This is really interesting! I immediately downloaded the app, thanks to your advice. So far, it does look very promising indeed! I haven't posted anything yet but I will use this app for my next post. Thanks Ms. @janicehung! Kudos to the developer @jm90mm as well! Thank you for making Steemit more accessible and user-friendly!

Wow - this app sounds perfect!!
I'm gonna download it now.

Wow - this app sounds perfect!!
I'm gonna download it now.
Thanks for reviewing for all of us @janicehung!!
More and more people are on the go, and the developer saw the opportunity
to create a app for these people!! Way to go @jm90mm!!

Thank you for this review! I will be downloading this app today!

this is very helpful especially to those us, who are always travelling. thank you for this sensei @janicehung 😊
this is a huge help and awesome innovation @jm90mm
kudos to your sir! 😊
i'm going to resteem this so that other steemians may also benifit from this. 😊

Thanks for this!! Running bsteem now. Way better app!

This looks really promising. Esteem has several problems on IOS and Android. Currently i'm using both versions and on both platforms freezes occur regularly, which makes the user experience really bad. The Android version seems to less problems than its IOS pendant .

I am pretty unsure, if the posting key is logged on the system or on the server of bsteem, nothing mentioned here.
Keep up the work.

Just one thing, which we all need to consider now or later. We cannot develop several apps/front-ends to improve the user experience, while the real issue is the backend and its flows.

Dynamic Steemians Discord

You use steemconnect to log in. Try so you can see.

In case you’re wondering, he is also presently working on

I was going to assume b stands for because of the look and feel of the UI, downloaded few minutes into your post :)).

Dark theme for us with eye pressure issue is a plus and the 'send message' feature oh yes, finally some more engagement. Excited to play with it.

Resteemed @janicehung

B stands for “best”. Goal of bSteem is to be the best app on Steem 💪

Keep up the good work @jm90mm

This is great Janice. I had no idea anyone was working on something like this but like you, I have been waiting on a great mobile app. You are right , this will help us reach a critical mass of users that we need to sustain this thing.

Good effort dear..... Really impressive post and happy to hear about this....Thank you and Good bless u :)

Wow this is perfect I was trying to make a similar app myself and just couldn’t get the functionality I wanted but this has everything I’d imagined! The only way from here is up!!

I think this apps will be very popular. I liked the feature of sending a message directly to a person.

awesome new app new feautures incredible

Thanks for share great news @janicehung madam. I much appreciate your work. Wish you avery happy and bright future.

a great share. I will try it now. I agree with you. thanks for this nice info @janicehung

Simple and easy. I really like the apps #bsteem. Thank you for information @janicehung.

It's really awesome app. Go to download it now 👍🏻

These are great news, I used sometimes ESteem app or a browser for Steemit on my mobile. With ESteem I was never really satisfied, I will test the app for sure, thanks for the good news.
I will resteem your post @janicehung and if you would like, I repost it on my Steemit-promotion website and blog:
More users should be informed about the new bSteem app.

Wow, I only can say WOW!!! I just installed bsteem and this is my very first reply on this amazing app.
It's absolutely professional, big thanks to the creators, amazing, amazing work!!! great, great!!

Yes go ahead and try it. The best about this is that the developer is easy to reach lets also be patient for all the future updates and development. But at least we do have now better option for steemit 😊

I repost your post on

Thank you so much 😊

Great app

Really cool ,I just recently download the app and I’m still navigating to it ,it’s seems really cool and user friendly ,@janicehung thank you ,I will post my review and thank you for recommend it to me ..and @jm90mm keep up the good job ..we need more developer like him and Thank you ..

Wow, it's a really nice app!!! What I love about it is the messaging button, now I can say that Steemit is the Real Deal Social Media Site.. Thank you on this.

I just downloaded it ms @janicehung. Thanks for the wonderful review. You and @jm90mm are such a great asset to the steemit community. Can't wait to explore this app.

thanks for introducing this to me, I haven't heard of this app yet, I will have to try it out

Good, i loved this post, very good.

So when I use this app to make a post , what % of the rewards are deducted by the app ?

It doesn’t deduct anything. It’s Free. It will not get any percentage from the author.

Tks for the reply , so how are they supporting the development efforts (if you know )?

It’s self funded by me. I work for and I use what I get from Busy to fund the servers and I use my own time to write and develop this app. Right now I have no monetization strategy. I want to deliver the best app possible on Steem. I’m hoping to monetize later through other means like maybe a marketplace section, where you can buy and sell using crypto like Steem and sbd, and we can take a small percent, but that’s in the future...

So yeah as of now I’m getting nothing out of this. And I’m using all my free time to deliver the best app possible.

Thanks @jm90mm

Appreciate you taking time to reply to the comment.

No problem let me know if you have any other questions / feedback / suggestions.

Goal of bSteem is to be the best app possible and we can’t do that without user feedback

0%. This app will never take any of your rewards.

Tks for reply.

BTW, I don't find anything wrong with reward sharing for a service , as long as it is obviously clear what the breakdown is going to be.

Yeah me either, I understand development of apps take time and resources.

But I don’t want to focus on monetary aspect, I want to focus on technological advancement for Steem apps

  ·  last year (edited)

Just gave the app a download on my Android Pixel 2XL. Had it crash once, but other than that it's been awesome! The UI is far superior to eSteem.

If you could possibly work on the UI a bit more this app would be perfect! Integrating notifications and better integrating the wallet/wallet features would be awesome! Also, adding support for saving drafts of posts if that's not already possible (sorry, haven't checked that out yet).

Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah you can save drafts, next to the “create post” button you can click on the save icon when you’re on the create post screen. You can view drafts by clicking on the top left icon at the create post screen as well.

I need to get a few android devices, I mainly test for iPhone’s :( so sorry if there’s any bugs but I’ll try to fix any Bugs ASAP

Do you have a Github setup for this project? If I come across any Android bugs I can report them there so you at least know about them.

It only crashed once when opening it right after the install. Other than that it's been fine so far.

Yup right here -

Thanks for the feedback!

The developer is working on that to fix all issues with androids lets all be patient but this is a good start. Now we have better option for a mobile app 😊

hey Janice, thanks for the post.
lot to learn.

Looks like it can do a lot more compare to some of the other apps.

Finally, a great app for steemit users! Thank you Ms. @janicehung for sharing to us about this! I downloaded it and started using it. Thank you also @jm90mm for developing this app. 😀

Great app

Thanks!.. That's really good information, i likes for you post!

great to get this information that "no reward will be taken from user". I download it since first release but didn't use it because I need full reward for my growing. thank you @jm90mm for your excellent work to develop this app

Fantastic!!! Thanks. I look froward to downloading it

This is awesome! I’ve been using the steemify app to keep track of my account while on the go but it’s not that great when it comes to acting and responding to those notifications! I’ll definagely be checking out Bsteem

I'm going to check this out I don't like just using chrome on my phone to access steemit

se ve muy buena esta app desafortunadamente mi dispositivo no es compatible con ella lastimosamente no la podre usar . gracias por el aporte

WHY do you do this to me? I wanted to be your friend and you wrong me? <E?

What’s wrong? Can you explain your issue ?



Your app has ruined this lizards day. :(

You should try logging out and logging back in, there’s usually some errors with Steem connect

But it's true that you can only post 1x every 5 mins, same as you can only comment 1x per 20 seconds, and upvote 1x per 3 secs.

gracias por compartir la informacion, la descargare para probarla. saludos.

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wow this is amazing, the app looks way better than the one I've been using in the past month (eSteem) - had some bugs and doesn't let me customise.
I've just found you on steemit and saw this post!

finally got an app for Steemit , Good work will definitely give a try . hoping lots of features will come in near future.

excellent publication. I loved <3

Wooow! There is an app for steemit?
That is incredible! :) I was waiting for this for quite some time now for the same reasons. Most of the time I don't have my laptop with me and it's hard to post things as often as I would like to.

Great walkthrough the app as well :) Makes things clear and easy :)

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@janicehung! Thanks for the heads up. I will look it up! Last time I ignored you when you gave me advice (remember that time you told me to stretch? and didnt?) I paid for it.

You can still follow my advice on stretching dear 😊

I just usually use my phone browser but this looks interesting...

Thanks for your info

Wow, at last, I love this, when I just created my account I was looking for an app, since I can not sit for a long time in front of a PC, this application was really necessary, it's going to be very useful, and it looks super complete, thanks for share!!

this is truly awesome. i was looking for such a app .thanks ! steemit gonna be more easier to use :)

Thanks for your information

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Thank you so much for this. This is such a comprehensive post about this app. Checking it out now. Thanks @janicehung

I love to try this APPLICATION. Let see how it works and how fast it is?

I am excited so I download it. Then try to login... but i sm stucked on the steemconnect page, cannot proceed from loading. I am not sure why



I repeat the login process... same problem. Should I re-install?

Steem connect might be down. Could you tell me your device and android version ?

No it was not down. I tried with Esteem, it worked. I use Samsung Galaxy 9pro

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes try to reinstall it.

Working now..., it has great features. Awesome appl

Really wanted to know if anyone had actually installed and was using this. Thanks for sharing.

No problem @semantic7. It is my pleasure

more like SCREAM connect amiright?


I loved your contribution brother, greetings and follow the success

Can I log in with just my posting key or do I need my master password?

Thanks for reminding me about this

You will actually be using steemconnect to log in.

Thanks for providing that in-depth review of @bSteem Ms. @janicehung . Thanks to @jerrybanfield for resteeming your post and of course I want to say THANK YOU to the creator of bSteem Mr. @jm90mm. I don't know him but I am following him now and will be checking out bSteem soon.

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good post creation ... congratulations

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Hello my friend,
I was one that chose to use a bidbot to upvote this post.
It was because I was super impressed with the quality of this post.
I also think you will find that @janicehung didn't purchase any of the bidbot votes.
Each was done by either a fan, or someone who also loved this post.
I'm not a whale, but I can try and give a good quality post a whale upvote if I feel it deserves one.
thank you for your time reading my reply.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you for the reply.

The message above is not a judgement of your work or state the author paid for the bidbos, it is simply stating that there are payout from bidbots.

This is just to give a greater level of transparency to all posts, including quality work like this one.

Thank you for your reply as well.
I have a few questions, and I ask for candid responses.
Did you read the entire post before making your first comment?
Did you check to see who actually purchased the bid bots before making your first comment?
I think for full transparency, these questions are relevant.
As you can see, I favor transparency.

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So you did not read the post or do any research.
My opinion is that these comments are leaning towards being spam. Your role seems self-serving, although disguised as community minded. Now if the post was read and research conducted, I might feel differently.
But just a Bot leaving a comment to me is spam.
Thanks for your time.

Wow what a great idea. I would love to get a hold of this app ASAP!!!.

I downloaded the app. It's not bad.
Needs a little work. I don't know how to view my replies and it seems I can't go straight to the post I commented on by selecting the comment.

This is just a first impression though. Good work!!!

Thanks for the feedback, more updates to come to make it more user friendly. It’s better for iOS devices since that’s what I mainly test on. But I will try to get an android device to test with.

Hey. thanks for the reply. that would be great.😀
looking forwards to it👍🏾👏🏾

Steenit is a wonderfull site
i have been use this site among 2 month.this is wonderful site.

excelente por compartir una herramienta excelente un abrazo

Wow amazing !!!!

This is great news. But i saw there is another apps named 'eSteem'. So which apps should we use? Please reply me. TIA

You can try and see which one you like better. :)

Okay let’s see