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Good morning everyone, I bring to your notice another great opportunity that has suddenly surface in the world of crypto token again. I 'm a crypto enthusiast, it is the perfect solution that can combat the life of penury using the blockchain properly. Buddy have you heard about t "The cave man project ". It is a project with lots of benefits attached to it. The cave man runs on a discord server where you can chat, interact, meet new folks, share ides, and building of team into the future. Listen to the gist connected to it. The cave man project owned by @raymondspeaks has commence their ICO stage and over 2 million brocoin for grab....... Yes you heard me like.

Join the meme contest and that automatically qualifies you to get 100 brocoin. Join their discord channel, chat with others and earn more brocoin as you level up on the server.

Participate in the ongoing contest to get thousands of brocoin into your bitshare wallet. Start now before this opportunity is lost. Read the rules below only how to get qualified for the contest.

The Man Cave Meme Contest- Win some Brocoin
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Hi folks, How are you'll doing today? It's been long since I posted due to some complicated issues but today I will be informing you guys about the ongoing contest hosted by the outspoken @raymondspeaks with up to 2 Million Brocoin up for grab! here is my entry.


The question is why a whooping of 2 Million Brocoin? A few days ago we released the Man Cave ICO - to celebrate this awesomeness we have a whacking 2,000,000 (2 Million) Brocoins to give away in this contest. What are you waiting for join quickly to earn your share.
To participate in the contest click here.

There is also a discord server to join where you can relate with different people across the world and share more wisdoms and experience. Go here to join the discord server.

Rules set aside for the Contest.
These rules, text and picture underneath must be copied and pasted onto your post (including this one or no Bro, sorry!)

I'll be posting a picture underneath these rules, please copy it onto your post and caption it/meme it.

Please include @raymondspeaks in your post somewhere (so I can find it) and also post your bitshares account name. If you don't have one - go here: and register one.

Everyone that takes part gets 100 Brocoin You can only have 1 entry.

The winner receives 2000 Brocoin

Nominate and tag 5 friends you'd think would like to give this contest a try

Use the tag brocontest as one of your tags

10 Bonus Brocoin for a share on social media limited to one share per platform (ie. Facebook, Twitter + Reddit = 30 Bonus Brocoin)
Here are my 5 Friends I would like to nominate


Grab your writing materials and get inside the contest. Here is mine, now go and do likewise. Thanks

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