A Thank You to Brock Pierce and Many Others Over the Past Year of Blockchain Conferences and More

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Have had some most incredible experiences and opportunities through meeting many people and called things like a crypto god or legend along the way.


Upon seeing an article written by @neilstrauss about Brock Pierce felt the need to express something in return along with a Thank you to Brock, Neil, and many others. Got to spend time interacting with Neil when he created the steemit book club where I met numerous people such as @dougkarr who I got to meet in New York during Consensus for the second time.

Brock Pierce: The Hippie King of Cryptocurrency on rollingstone.com

Ten Days With Brock Pierce: EOS, Puerto Rico, Giving Away His Entire Crypto Fortune, and Burning Man Meets Blockchain by @neilstrauss

Old San Juan

Had the pleasure spending about two weeks in Puerto Rico attending three conferences in one week then another week with some locals, some other crypto people including Brock. Found it to be a great experience in many ways. Helped with one of the first events hosting blockchain people along with local people with an event called CryptoMixerPR. Mostly helping behind the scenes as I am known by some to do many people reach out to me here and there to help out with a variety of things mostly related to people and community.

Couch Surfing?

Not exactly a couch surfer but definitely nomadic finding myself staying in with different people in different places weekly if not daily. Everyone now and then I used to be some place mostly over the course of a month. But in going with the flow I find myself to end up wherever. Sharing hotels with people or staying at people's houses. Thus allowing me to spend more time with people and community. Also dropping in on blockchain people at conferences as well as before and after and other times meeting with some teams and numerous people just at their asking.

Giving it all away

Remember when Brock had first mentioned this idea and think it is a great idea. Most of us think we need. Yet so many of us simply do not have. Makes you think or wonder why this is the case. Partially currency is that of or like a current that may be more meant to flow. As when it is moving it is of more value to more people and things. Find myself also being of service as Brock says at times. It feels much more valuable. Also to note the word "give" is thousands of years old and one of the original unchanged words of the English language. Why not give it away to others who need it more. Is this not what nature does with resources in its own way?

Charlie Chaplin : The Final Speech from The Great Dictator

Many times Brock will play this which I myself have heard many times and also have a strong liking for.

"Value to Live Life"

Seems some of us found ways to create and make money as needed as children. I had that luxury if one wishes to call it that at some points too. Although it wasn't about the money it was about value. Seeing and learning how to make and create value or more importantly empowering others with and into value in ways. Was also in the Boy Scouts where I went on to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. With the Scout Law the third is that of (being) Helpful which is right along the lines of giving. So that is much of how I aim to live my life. Yet many people still ask me about things like a job. I don't have a job like most and never really had. Always wanting to do things differently as some of us do for whatever reason. My idea is to simply live life. For isn't that what everything simply does? When asked to fill out forms for conferences many times will just put "Love" "Life" as that seems more important and relevant to me than "Title" and "Company".


Great appreciation for Brock being authentic. Try to do the same myself and some have mentioned to me at conferences about me being authentic. Which is great to hear. Also goes back to childhood with the idea of when people would ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Why would anyone want to be just one thing? Or why would I want to be something or someone else. Thinking I just want to be me. So this is part of what I have done that had evolved into @virtualgrowth. Although it was meant as a "virtual" name and not of my being as perceived by such humans. But it works out in its own way. That and some just call me whatever nickname they feel like of "VG". This adds to many nicknames I have had in my life through evolution of my being perhaps.

Interestingly I had also been involved with Magic cards and Star Trek collectibles growing up. As well as many other ideas on life that I share with Brock and have the great pleasure of spending time with him and looking forward to many more. Can attest to gifts from him as I have received a few myself. You can usually see me wearing at least one.

"Every smart person that I admire in the world, and those I semi-fear, is focused on this concept of crypto for a reason."

Seems crypto is really making a change in the world in many ways. From potentially disrupting technology to also being part of the greatest transformation of wealth in our lifetimes. Work to help others understand from those at conferences to those in blockchain communities as well as local communities, people in a variety of fields and also Lyft and Uber drivers who along with many others seem to be hearing and learning lots more about blockchain and crypto...

Back to Behind the Scenes with Some Sleep,

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Brock Pierce is a special soul, a man with a lot of heart and a big vision for cryptocurrency moving forward

I dig it, can strongly relate to just living life and not relying on a job title for identity.