Morgan (Ahe'ey)

in bringaheeytolife •  3 years ago  (edited)

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My fav Morgan at the moment. Good job Elias.

thanks natbats to continue seeing my designs ;D

The perfect Morgan. You should add some background like your other designs.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I'll take into account, thanks portuguesinha :)

This is so cool how you are collaborating. Maybe I can do that too once I get known a bit. Thanks for sharing all of this!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

thank you for watching :)

Sure, it's a really cool project!

Very nice @elias15g. Morgan looks very Southern European, as she should. Perfect outfit and expression. Once again, your style is perfect for a Young Adult audience. All your designs are consistent. They form a nice set. Thank you, J.

thank you very much :DD

u have seen @ orcish the artist herein yes ?

I so hate people with artistic or creative or cultural talent like music or true art appreciation . . . Personally I am " tone deaf " and myself I just resent the happiness these artistic types get from their pursuits , to me it seems a ' rip-off ' . . .

Well " hate " is the wrong term , it is to strong ; envious is probably more correct. But reality says these people get so much pleasure from their scribbling's and indecipherable noises , yes I am jealous ! ! !

It is simply a rip off that these people get the emotional " high " of a drug trip but without all the expense and hassles of using ' chemicals '...

It is just plain wrong : ) please forgive my outburst and enjoy your hobby pursuits ; )

Would you like a hug grumpy pants monster? ;) Here you go.

Thank You [ smiles ] : )

You do realise that movie was the GREATEST Movie EVER made , of course ! ! !

( Toy Story and Shrek were OK as well ) . . .

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