Open Letter to Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt: On the Road To Hell & Good Intentions…

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Open Letter to Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt: On the Road To Hell & Good Intentions…

Hello Mr Verhofstadt;

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Now let’s start on the right foot: You are my enemy.

There’s just no helping it! I agree politics is about the open debate and exchange of ideas, even finding compromise to move forwards, but you represent the Globalist Corporatist Plutocracy of the EU, and I am a Free-thinking Freedom Loving Briton who will never submit to such vile fascist tyranny.

Therefore, our positions are somewhat separated, and we can’t expect to get along. That day a while back when you laughably proclaimed “Britain belongs to Europe” for example: hardly your finest hour, but no bigger signal to a patriotic Brit than here is a foreigner causing trouble…

None-the-less, I thought I would write to express commiserations.

You see, you seem to be the only public figure in the European Union with a functioning brain! We have noticed the recent splash your comments in the EU Parliament has made…

You have understood the dire existential threat people like me pose to the EU: and that Britain is stuffed full of us! We know the full history of the EU, from the sordid flirtations with Kalergi to the aspirations of the Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaf. Which means you know we aren’t going to get back in the box and conform now, no matter what: its too late.

Furthermore you listen to us. You understand that while UK Remoaners have been having a jolly with the hate speech, denigration and demonization, and convincing themselves being stuffed with a poor-quality rip-off degree makes them “clever”, WE have been patient. We have waited. We have watched. We have given the lawful legitimate process every possible chance to deliver on the result of OUR Referendum. And we have watched the euro-cultists in our parliament conspire and collude to try to prevent Brexit happening (while failing so very badly). Theresa May has been forced to beg on her knees, demean herself, and trash her own party, to stay loyal to Bilderberg (what comprimat does the BND have on her? We know they encouraged Heath to bugger small boys and recruited him before he even left Oxford, so anything is possible…) and prevent the law enforcing hard Brexit at the last moment.

You and I know this October deadline has ZERO credibility. You know your colleagues are fools for thinking we will stay in the passive box we have since June 2016. You know they are deluding themselves and totally underestimating the systemic threat we represent.

But the EU isn’t giving us much choice, is it? Instead, it’s making it “us or them” and we assure you: it won’t be US! Freedom ALWAYS wins!

Now you also understand British Politics very well. You know Britain has been lied to by its own establishment for decades, and that most MP’s are 2nd raters chosen for their compliance, not their talent or abilities. These clowns actually believe they run the country! You and I both know they don’t, and this is the problem. Even pro-Remain MP’s are IGNORANT about the real power relationship between themselves and the EU! Didn’t Mr Tusk prove that so well by overriding UK law to impose this extension?

Not that you and him are getting along. Tusk is off on some kind of messiah complex, calling on UK remainers to “march for Meeee” and spouting off fake news there were a million marchers in London. Pah! Remain lies, it always lies, and its been faking the numbers all along, real count was 350,000, but we put up with this Pravda level propaganda because we know Fake News is the enemy of the people.

But you can see the disaster coming. You know MP’s are just feeling clever they kicked the can down the road and are totally unable to deliver on ANY deal because they don’t listen understand or care about what the EU itself is saying! As you so very rightly said, first thing they did was blow off two weeks on a jolly holiday (which annoyed us every bit as much as it annoyed you, what are they like? They will piss this delay up against the wall for certain, be sure of it)

Remainers should have been jumping to pass the withdraw agreement because it would have given them another two years to try to modify the situation, but they are thick as mince and just wouldn’t do it: while Labour doesn’t care about the EU either, just want to kick the Tories out of power to bring in Communism. It must really have annoyed you to hear Corbyn wont do a deal with May because he hates America and doesn’t want us having a post-Brexit trade deal!

The EU has but one hope. It must ditch the backstop NOW so the deal can pass through parliament and the UK can be on the path to exit and avoid taking part in these Euro’s. But you know views in the EU parliament are just as blinkered as views in the UK’s Chamber.

As I said: we are enemies. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be respect. I respect you truly do believe in this monstrous fascist carbuncle you have dedicated your life to. It must be bitter indeed to see fools ignore your wisdom and steer your beloved project to disaster.

We can at least say this:

When we win (and we will WIN!): It will not be YOUR fault that you lost. You have done a brave thing and gone against the mass brainwashing of Tusks little minions and spoken truth to power. And you will pay the price: Tusk and Macron are already moving to force you out, as you are well aware.

If only you believed in Freedom and Free Society, on your courage alone, we could have been friends.

Alas that is not to be.

We shall have to be satisfied we at least found a little respect...

For myself, looking forward to our populist patriotic movement making a complete mess of every single aspect of the EU with energy and vigour, and bringing the entire monstrosity crashing down into the wreckage of histories failed empires. No more tolerance. No more patience. No more nice guys. Prepare for the political pain to begin, and for fools like Tusk and Macron to pay the price of their terrible arrogant hubris. At least you will have the consolation of putting your “I told you so!” warning firmly on the public record.

Wishing you a long retirement in the very near future, that will never see you go anywhere near politics ever again.

John The White

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