Russia To Hold Largest War Games Since Cold War!

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Vladimir Putin is not messing around anymore and has decided to hold the largest war games since the Cold War. This should sent chills down even the most hardened veterans. At least 300,000 troops will take part in these war games.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Vostok-2018 drills were justified given "aggressive and unfriendly" attitudes towards his country.


The military drills, known as Vostok-2018 or East-2018, are expected to commence Sept. 11 and last five days near Russia's eastern border. The vast scale nearly doubles another recent Vostok exercise, which Russia held just months after its 2014 annexation of Crimea — and which at the time, Russian President Vladimir Putin had hailed as "the largest exercises of this kind that we have ever held."

There is so much more going on than people realize and it is time to shed some light on it. Not only are they holding the largest war games since the Cold War but they have also activated an Arctic Airbase in recent years which gives them a foothold close to America.

The Russian officials have also urged the deployment of tactical nuclear warhead to Syria.


Gutenev said, “I believe that now Russia has to draw its own ‘red lines.’ The time has come to ponder on variants of asymmetric response to the US, which are now being suggested by experts and are intended not only to offset their sanctions but also to do some retaliatory damage.”

Then you have the next move by Russia. They have decided to deploy their fleet and increase their presence inside the Mediterranean sea.


Russia has announced it will hold a week-long military drill in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria, as the UN warned a “perfect storm” was brewing in the battle for the country’s last rebel stronghold.

This is just the Russian side of what is going on in the Middle East and not even touch on what the other countries are doing in the area. You have to see the writing on the wall by now. MAJOR conflict is coming, the kind that destroy nations. It is time to get right with God.

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Reality just keeps getting more intense. It's funny though, I turn off the news and the world and the world doesn't end as soon as everyone says. It's important to see the fear from the facts.


Reality definitely becomes more intense daily. It may not happen as soon as some say.

I wonder if this will turn out like 2016 when the drills were being hyped so much and everyone was ready for war with Russia.

"It is time to get right with God." Amen to that!

Tensions are not easing, that's for sure!

People do not expect war to happen... until it does. If you are not fully aware of what is going on, the time is right now for all of this to happen. We need to remain AWAKE lest we fall asleep and miss the call to join with the Lord.