Brave is starting to pay users for viewing ads with BAT

in brave •  3 months ago 

Although not open to anyone yet but slowly being rolled out, Brave has started rewarding users that watch ads on Brave with a percentage of the revenue (70% of the revenue goes to the viewer if the source I read was legit)

Here is a screenshot of his first earnings provided by Reddit user u/BradlyL:

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Except for Steem this is another blockchain project that I believe strongly in. The creator Brendan Eich is a genius that brought us java script and Mozilla, and I think this will become his biggest creation yet.


Yeah it's a pretty secure longterm hodl! I'm hoping we'll be able to implement brave onto Steem front-ends in some clever ways as well that incentivize authors to have readers on their posts.


That is actually a great idea - that would be awesome !