Crypto 'DNS' - FIO

in brainfeed •  17 days ago

Checking of history will show that probably the biggest single event to accelerate the adoption of the internet was the introduction of DNS.

Instead of having to remember IP addresses, users could use a real world name.
That name then links and connects to the IP.
This translation is recorded and shared around the globe by DNS servers.

Today these servers are somewhat controlled by a few organisations, and therefore have become centralised, which seems to be against the original concepts.

The introduction of FIO later this year will add 'DNS' to the crypto world.
No longer will we have to remember long keys.
The saving of them can become a security issue.

Looking at the details of FIO it is not yet clear if it will be adopted, it needs a global consensus like DNS did, but the outlines of the system seem to indicate that is will be decentralised.

But FIO has the possibility to ramp up the adoption of crypto in the same way that DNS did for the internet back in the early 1990's.

Time will tell

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