His Majesty the Brain

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I present to you some facts about the brain that you may not have heard and would cause your interest.

  1. Although the brain is the one who reports the pain in the body, he does not feel it himself. It is, therefore, possible to carry out brain operations without pain or discomfort. Well, let the other authorities work on this principle ...

  2. The brain is approximately 73% water. Only 2% dehydration can affect attention, memory and other cognitive abilities. Between soft and alcoholic pleasures we have to drink water because nothing replaces it! Not only will we have a better mental condition, but also help the body to get rid of toxins and cellulite.

  3. Babies have large heads to be able to grow at the rate of brain growth. The brain of a two-year-old child represents 80% of the size of a large man. Ever since we were born, we were overwhelmed by the intellect. What will happen to him later, will he pass through some small truncated slit? Stay tuned!

  4. As any parent can confirm, the teen's brain is not quite finished. If you ask some parents, the brain of the hormone bombs with a delay is probably in some state of lethargy. He sleeps calmly his winter sleep (all within the joke, of course). It's not quite finished after puberty, so let's not just blame teenagers. This amazing organ has only matured at age 25.

  5. In general, the male brain is larger than the female with 10%. This is true even when considering the difference in the size of the bodies. Now some will say, "Men are smarter." Albert Einstein had a brain size below the average, yet he was one of the smartest men on earth. It looks like the size really does not matter!

  6. Performing multiple tasks simultaneously makes us less productive. When we do a few things in parallel, our brain just wanders fast between the different tasks. This affects the duration of concentration, learning, short-term memory, and so on. Better to do one thing, but qualitatively, rather than mess up the job.

  7. We think we control our lives. 95% of the decisions we make are done by our subconscious. Well, at least ours, not someone else. That's all we have!

  8. The thought is a physical path in the brain. The more we repeat a thought, the more we pave the path to it, and it becomes easier to come back again. That is why thinking of failure is not a good idea. Let's not carve muddy paths in your mind!

Thank you for reading it - SuggeElson

image source - https://pixabay.com

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