Eat a polluted fruit .. 100 worm in the brain of a girl!

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About 100 larvae settled in the brain of an 8-year-old girl from New Delhi because she had an unsweetened fruit.
The magazine "Health Medicine Network" published that the parents of the child accompanied her to see the doctors, after suffering from severe headaches and seizures. The doctors diagnosed the girl with a bag in her brain and described her as having high doses of amphetamine, but her condition worsened and her pain did not ease. The girl's health was deteriorating and her weight had increased by 20 kilograms, she was no longer able to walk and was having trouble breathing.
Six months later, her parents took her to another doctor. The girl was found to have a cystic disease that affects the brain and was caused by a tapeworm.
The eggs are believed to have been transferred to the child's brain through the blood stream of the stomach, after the girl had eaten raw fruit or vegetables, or uneaten pork.
The doctor described new drugs for the girl, who began to recover gradually, lost weight and took over, and after a while back to school.