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Guillermo Rigondeaux VS. Julio Ceja

The long anticipated return of Guillermo Rigondeaux 19-1 13 KOs, was an unusual and somewhat confusing one. The man who is most notably known for his evasive and slick tactical style seemed to throw all the knowledge that has gained over the course of his extensive and successful career out the proverbial window, and decided to stand toe to toe with Julio Ceja, an opponent who is of somewhat lesser talent. It made for a more exciting and entertaining fight, but also made the fight a lot harder for Rigondeaux than it needed to be. In fact he was rocked and buzzed on more than one occasion, but it begs the question, WHY??? Why would a master fight below his superior capabilities?

Rigondeaux is blessed with all the qualities that an elite level boxer requires, speed, power, reflexes, a decent chin, a great boxing mind, the ability to adapt, and footwork etc,etc. The man has very little weaknesses if any at all, but only has a small fan base because of how easy his fights can appear, and thus to the casual boxing fan, can seem boring. The only weakness that comes to mind is his tendency to coast when things are going his way. For this reason he has received a lot of negative criticism, most of it is undeserved, but some if it is deserved

He has changed his style because Rigondaeux is on the crisp of touching forty years old and in the twilight of his career, and so, he needs one last big payday before retiring. None of his supporters or his critics are asking him to stand toe to toe and take punishment that he can so easily avoid. He can still fight the same way he always has, on the back foot, just fight it with a higher punch output, instead of trying to win rounds by throwing 10 punches and landing one or two, win it by throwing 60 to 80 and landing 15 to 20 punches a round. Be more exciting champ, but not at the expense of your safety.

Rigondeaux ended the fight in the 8th round with a bone crushing left hook.

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