Have the best 3 heavyweights fought each other already?

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So we living in the time in heavyweight boxing where the question is being asked; who is the best heavyweight boxer out there?

The common consensus is that is between 3 men; Anthony Joshua Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.


However I want to put forward a potential alternative scenario, because when the dust settles we don't truly know the pecking order until more fights have been had between the main protagonists.

What could potentially happen is this.

We may find out that by the summer of 2018 the best 3 heavyweights have already fought each other already.

By this I mean we may find out that the best 3 heavyweights are in fact Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and Joseph Parker.


This could set up some mouth-watering rematches that go on to define this heavyweight boxing era.

This is not to cast doubt on the credentials of Fury or Wilder or any other contender, only to say that it often history that determines the importance of events in retrospect.

For example, since his sole loss to Joshua, Whyte is being to rack up some impressive wins including a win over Parker. He is certainly growing as a fighter. It is not a foregone conclusion that either Wilder or Fury (or even Joshua in a rematch) would beat Whyte on his a-game. He would certainly ask all three major questions.

In two years time, we may look back at say, Joshua-Whyte I and Whyte-Parker I not just as great fights; but as a prelude to the kind of rivalries that go on to define as boxing generation.

Just a thought!

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I think Wilder is the best. Joshua is very talented but I think will be at risk of getting KO'd by Wilder. Of course, if Joshua lands first he could KO Wilder. I think it would come down to whoever landed first. The rest of the heavyweights are a notch below those two. Fury is going to be at a disadvantage against Wilder, especially because of his long layoff.

Sorry @nanzo-scoop I hate to disagree with you, but I don't agree with any of the 3 best heavyweights you put forward.

Am a casual boxing fan and my top 3 is Joshua, Sasha (Povetkin) and Fury

Wilder is still unproven and was almost beaten in his last fight by an 'old' man.

Whyte and Parker do not even come close


Time will tell... Povetkin is a good fighter however I don't think he is big enough to trouble the others. Also age isn't on his side either.

Dillian Whyte has become the Boogeyman of his division...

Hello @nanzo-scoop, I have noticed you do a lot of sports post, boxing especially. I ain't a big fan of the sports, but I know a bit about the man Anthony Joshua. I think I would tip Anthony Joshua for a win anyday.


Anthony Joshua has always be my best. They really have proven to the world of great power. Thanks always for shpwing this @nanzo-scoop

As for me, Anthony Joshua is my best, anyway anytime

The legends have to compete to see who’s the last man standing

I don't know about these fighters @nanzo-scoop but they will cross the bridge when they get there, I mean nothing is certain unless they just put some good discipline in their training then anyone of them could be the champ.

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its all depend on the luck that day who perform the best and ease the nerve on the match

Great man

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