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Karagandy Hotel and Office complex is a business land with 5 stories, what's more, an absolute zone of 10,000 sq.m. The first and second floors are leased as retail also, office premises, while 3-5 stories are consumed by lodgings of blended type.
Karagandy is a three-star lodging in the downtown area and is viewed as an economy class, which alongside simple vehicle associations gives an edge regarding client stream.
The immediate commitment of the movement and the travel industry represented 5.6 percent of the absolute GDP of Kazakhstan in 2019. As per the official government system distributed in May 2019, the objective is to make it 8% by 2025

What Is KRG Token

KRG token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 crypto resource sponsored up by land business: Karagandy Hotel and Office complex in the core of Karagandy city (Kazakhstan)
KRG token is a basic and straightforward blockchain-based instrument intended to make interest in business land clear and simple. Every token is sponsored by a portion of the Hotel and Office complex market an incentive at the pace of 1 KRG per $1 of the market esteem which adds up to $10,000,000.


KRG Tourism Investments

Over the previous decade (2009 - 2019), the normal yearly venture development
in the travel industry and amusement endeavors added up to 10%, and as per
the aftereffects of 2019, the expansion in capital speculation arrived at 46.2% every year.

Before the finish of 2019 direct, the travel industry ventures added up to 153.7 billion Tenge (around 368 million USD), in this manner breaking the record level in the history of Kazakhstan. Government reserves represented 40.2% of the aggregate venture sum, 46.2% represented value, and 13.6% were obtained assets and bank credits.

KRG Investment Climate

The Central Asian country of Kazakhstan tries to benefit from its geological area and become the "New Silk Road" connecting China and Europe through Focal Asia and Russia. Kazakhstan expects to turn into the Eurasian Economic Association's speculation place.
In the Doing Business 2020 rating from the World Bank, Kazakhstan positioned 25th among 190 nations (in 2019 - 28th, in 2018 - 36th). The nation is in the TOP-10 of the world nations in such pointers as consistence with contracts furthermore, assurance of the privileges of minority financial specialists.
Over the previous decade, the public economy got $250.2 billion, or about 80% of all unfamiliar direct speculation streams throughout the long stretches of freedom ($ 320 billion). This pattern is an articulate proof of speculation strategy proficiency.


KRG Features


KRG token is a profoundly unstable crypto resource upheld by a set up business: Karagandy Hotel and Office complex in Kazakhstan.


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KRG tokens must be exchanged on an outsider crypto trade (BTC-Alpha).

Token Economy

Future incomes from the inn business will be utilized for a staged buyback of KRG tokens, in this manner contracting the all-out inventory on KRG available for use and animating interest and worth.

Token Information



Total Supply:

10,000,000 KRG

IEO Pre-sale:

till 1.09.2020

IEO (BTC-Alpha):


Pre-sale price:

0.5 USD per 1 KRG


KRG Exchange List

KRG Currently Listing on BTC-Alpha & Coinsbit
The token is sold on the crypto exchange

KRG token:

  • provided with an office and hotel complex of 10,000 m2 with a height of 5 floors and a cost of $10,000,000
  • traded on the BTC-Alpha and COINSBIT exchanges
    -ERC-20 standard crypto asset.


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