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The original blockchain platform, Bitcoin settled the twofold spending issue of cryptocurrency. Following Bitcoin was Ethereum, the second-age blockchain platform, which understood the decent variety of services in the blockchain platform through smart contract.

However, most blockchain platforms are appearing as far as versatility, information handling speed, information stockpiling, and execution expenses. For blockchain platforms to take on maintainability and be worked in such a way, developers ought to have the capacity to create DApps with no problems, and clients ought to have the capacity to utilize it promptly. It is in view of this that FLETA thought of an ideal platform, addressing the necessities of the platform members, with our cutting edge innovation.

FLETA is perceived to be a platform for feasible Dapp ecosystem that is intended to help the developers to develop Dapps with no issues and moreover the main wherein the clients may be fit to utilize it without and issues and challenges. FLETA is a blockchain supplier platfrom with more favorable position effectiveness and freedom of DApp pattern and task, nearby with boundless adaptability. It includes a momentous, remarkable blockchain structure, allowing DApps inside structures to fill in as autonomously and openly, likewise fleta adds the situation to make a custom subchain for each DApp, the spot the exchange of its token and effects could be made. Keep running by method for its own system, each Dapp can supplant autonomously principally established without anyone else administration, frontend and backend pattern condition.

With the point of amplifying the intensity of blockchain technology, FLETA came up with an achievement. Everything starts from our particular and bona fide blockchain structure, which conveys subchains in a layered chain for each DApp. Through the Block Redesign technology, check speed transforms into sooner and data amount is decreased. Furthermore, block age speed has been diminished, with additional exchanges handled per block.

• Independent Multi-Chain Structure: FLETA uses an autonomous multi-chain structure, with the presence of a sub-chain separated from the primary chain, settling the principle chain over-burden issue and decreasing inordinate charges both for developers and clients. The advantage is less financial burden for both developers and client, boundless number of DApps can be accommodated.
• PoF (Proof-of-Formulation): FLETA created utilize new accord model called PoF, consenting the request of block mining and making hinders in such request. The spreading scope of blocks is decreased, which makes the creation and dispersal of blocks increasingly fast.
• Block Redesign: FLETA has upgraded the block structure, which had been utilized since the underlying platforms. This was practiced by decreasing the blocksize by 43% and in the meantime lessening the span of list, which is required for task.
• LEVEL Tree: Unlike the Merkle Tree approval, FLETA received the LEVEL Tree approval. Diminishing the size by 90%, the LEVEL Tree approval completes a superb exchange approval process with less information gathering, simultaneously expanding the speed of the procedure by in excess of multiple times.
• Parallel Sharding: The Sharding Algorithm created by Felta is can be worked in parallel, without twofold spending. he improvement of TPS is accomplished with the expansion in the quantity of shards, alongside the upgrade of TPS in every shard, making FLETA process 20,000 exchanges for each second.

Website: http://www.fleta.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.fleta.io/download/190410_FLETA_Buisness_Whitepaper_ENG_Web.pdf
Techpaper: https://www.fleta.io/download/181024-TechWhitepaper_EN_V2-web.pdf
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5120889.0
Github: https://github.com/fletaio
Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain
Telegram: https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup & https://t.me/FLETAKoreanGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@fletachain
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9HFP_upl0jPuK7UWSWZsAg
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@fletachain
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fleta/

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