The World’s Biggest Inflatable Crazy Obstacle Course

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This is the world’s biggest bouncy castle playground. Created to to let adults relieve their childhood. For all of us who long for the chance to be "a kid again".

A 893ft-long (272 meter) obstacle course made up of 32 inflatables known as "The Beast", which has a capacity of 400 people.

It's designed by a Belgium company named V-Formation and is currently located in a park in Belgium. It will be heading to Hyde Park in London in summer 2017, where they will challenge everyone to become the fastest person to complete the obstacle course.

The owner of V-Formation, Benedikt De Vreese, said:

People are dead tired when they slide the last piece of the track but after that they can't stop talking about how cool it was.
That's why we built this, to create something special for adults but where they can be a kid again.
It's not always about power or speed, it's about endurance and knowing yourself.
It's about starting with 100 per cent energy and making sure you finish with zero per cent without reaching that point in the middle of The Beast.

This looks like the ultimate fun. Let me be a kid again! ツ

Enjoy the video:

More info:

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