Boulder Sunday ❤ Number 29

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Happy Big Rock Day!

Coming in or going out?
On this day the tide was coming in.


Big tide swings from high
to low in the Cook inlet Alaska.

These boulders are called the
Sisters, they are near Clam Gulch.


As I walked along looking for agates
and other pretty stones. The waters
were quickly engulfing the boulders.


And there they go.


Need to find out what something is?
Check out #nic by @snowyknight
Nature Indentification Contest


Some effects made
with Lunapic

Double clicking the
photos enlarges them
to see better.



Show us your boulders

Large rocks are needed
roll them on over.
Must be your own photos!
Boulder location would be
great to know if possible.

Use the tag
#bouldersunday by @shasta
Then we can hunt them!

Drop a link to your
boulder below so we
don't miss your post!

Many thank you's
to all the boulder posters!
It is a real pleasure to
see them!



#fridaysrock by @nat-expressions
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#rockhound & @rockhounds by @bitfiend

#ultraviolet #infrared by @solominer

#mineralmondays by @rt395

#butterflyday by @whatisnew

#nic by @snowyknight

#bouldersunday by @shasta

#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

#mountainmonday by @keithboone
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#shadowphoto & #featheredfriday
by @melinda010100



Photos & Words by @shasta May 18th 2019 8:47 PM O'rock Alaska

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Marvelous view! And great photos indeed, especially the first two.

What is "the hieght" of tide there?

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Thank you and good evening ❤ @zirochka! :-)
Tonight the tide will be real high at almost +23 feet, 7.3152 meters.
Real low tomorrow at noon by -4 feet, -1.2192 meters. Ooo time to
hit the beach! The tides vary greatly from day to day here.
100% full moon right now! 🌙


Oh yes, as well as here, I mean full moon.

But your tide, it os really impressive!! 😮😯😲

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Beautiful fantastic boulders with an absolutely stunning landscape...!!!
Wow... :D
Happy Big Rock Day...!!!! :D :>)
My entry :


Thank you so much for your awesome boulders @annephilbrick! :-)
Happy big rock day to you!


Thank you so much for your primo boulder posts @irvet! :-)
History of the people and the stones around the world is so
interesting to me and many others I'm sure!

Nice boulders of Alaska and superb view.


Thank you @kamrunnahar! These are my favorite boulders! :-)

Fanastic shots, Shasta. I love the perspective.
I’ll have to search out some boulders. 😊


Thank you @redheadpei! :-)
We need to hunt some more down. These by far
are my favs. Hope you find some too!