Boulder Sunday: Red Boulders

in bouldersunday •  19 days ago

Here on P.E.I. the soil, rocks and boulders are reddish due to high iron-oxide content.

When I go off Island I sometimes bring back a stone for my flower garden such as this one that’s on a path in New Brunswick.

Granite Stone With Moss


The red boulders that can be seen along natural untouched shorelines in P.E.I.

Mixed with the boulders is the seaweed that comes in with the tide and dried by the heat of the summer sun.


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That is a really lovely boulder @redheadpei!
The huge lichen on it must be really old, sure is pretty!
I love collecting ones also with lichens and mosses
on them. Those red ones are sure nice too!!
Rocks rule! :-)
Thank you so much for posting these
wonderful boulders for #bouldersunday!


Most welcome Shasta @shasta. Thanks and for the fun contest. 💕

Upper Minnesota has so much iron the rivers look like rootbeer in many places. Locals call it the Iron Range


The red soil doesn’t color the water as you can see by photos I take. Shallow water near the shore can look red if disturbed a lot either by human or nature.

I do love those red boulders! And that lichen on the New Brunswick rock is really beautiful!


Thanks Melinda. I miss seeing the red ground and rocks when I go off Island.

Howdy redheadpei! I like those red boulders. Can I come up and get some?