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Sleepy rocks is a good description .

I don't have a great photo, but when seen from a distance the peninsula resembles a sleeping Giant. (head on the left) but maybe you had to be there!


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Howdy Melinda! That's amazing and those views are stunning. How did you get around the lake and how long did it take?

Jim drove and we had his Audi convertible. We took our time and stopped often and I think we were gone 10 days. It would have been longer, but the mosquitoes drove us away.

Those dang blood suckers! Well that sounds like a blast! Probably the best time to go is when the mosquitoes are thick.

Yeah... I think it is either below zero, or it is mosquito season!

Oh my goodness look at those magnificent rocky cliffs! How gorgeous @melinda010100! :-)
Including the sleeping giant! Wow! Love the mosses, ferns and lichens! Would sure love
to look for rocks around the lake!

It is a long drive from you, but I hope you get to spend time walking Lake Superiors Rocky Shores!